Say Something Random 5.5


That was banned, for obvious reasons…


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I’m being a little admirative right now. There’s a glowing balloon in my bedroom and it used to be lit up for the new year. Today’s 11:45 pm and it’s still illuminating softly since the new year’s event, it’s been almost three entire days that it did not lose all its batteries. I wonder how long it will keep up.

Don’t worry for the light, I just increased the sensitivity of the camera, it’s not supposed to be that bright.






For the 1st time in my gaming career… I was truly startled and it felt like it happened in real life.

I was playing Overwatch and I was Ashe. I decided to get to the high ground to the paths from the attackers spawn.

I was concentrated… I was doing my best to use my full vision I could…

Then, the first motion broke my sight to the right… I set my sights on the are… and just at that moment I hear it

and the red line of the widow bullet whizzed just above my characters ear and the camera was perfect with my sound system that it I flinched in real life because I could feel it whiz by my head.

Spooked and crazily I retreat backwards and I just couldn’t stop laughing…

And you know what? I think I have a recording of it.


That would honestly be terrifying.


Now I’m curious to see. Was the mic on?


hmm, I dont know. but its funny as heck… I will scrub through the footage and find that moment.

edit it was text chat, but im uploading it now… Now I know how i didnt see her. after scrubbing the footage the Starting words for the match covered her up.

That shot broke me. I was laughing hysterically for the next 3-5 minutes.

While my initial description is close, it was the text from the match… it caused it.



Definitely photo first.


the credits rolling right after the text really makes it, wish it was in the gif.


Look at that big boy, he looks adorable!

His name’s Vinalisj, he’s from the mod Frackin’ Universe, a massive mod for Starbound.





Eww! squish Eww! squish Eww! squish Eww!


I wanna do this to him!