Say Something Random 5.5


I’m not sure I’ll see it in theaters given the past ratio of DC movies, but I’ll at least redbox it.

Initial trailers and the overall premise didn’t really strike me.


They shoulda made this instead.


People have been saying it’s nearly on-par with Wonder Woman. Having not seen the movie myself, I can’t confirm that, but it’s already heaps, and I mean HEAPS better than Suicide Squad, justice league, and all that crap.

Trust me, the terribly photo-shopped posters and weird trailers are not at all representative of the final product




Anyone try SPELLBREAK yet?


No I haven’t tried Spellbreak yet






This is like two days late, but the whole Spider-Verse comic series was pretty confusing to follow along. Lot of characters to account for – it would’ve been a mess. I think what they did in the movie instead was much better.

Also happy new years everyone (it’s the 1st where I live)! :partying_face:


Today, 1/1/2019, is my birthday:)


Then where is your cake mister so called “birthday boy”


I haven’t had it yet.


Nono, by your username

(Yes, I understand this means you didn’t set it)


i will destroy you



“Pssst…hey kid…you wanna buy…some DRUGS???”

“No way, drug spider! Drugs are NOT cool!”

This PSA is sponsored by the National Union of Tonic Treatments