Say Something Random 5.5


I just left Nashville. Twas quite an experience.

I played a Martin guitar from the the 30s. It’s price tag was $40,000. It sounded and played exquisite.

Also this thing from Gibson they wouldn’t let me touch.



I really want to watch it a second time, I haven’t got around to it though :frowning_face:… It is a really good movie, though!


I thought these posts were connected for a sec and I was 'bout to lose my fuckin shit mang



I was surprised Spider Verse was not based on the “Spider Verse” comic


Hi y’all. How’s it going


I was surprised “Spider Verse” didn’t refer to an arachnid reciting poetry.


God, look how thicc gamera is, even next to thicczilla



thicc godzillas represent

i am having a hard time going to sleep :frowning:



Watership Down~!!! loved this animation but I dont know if the hearts of today could take such a message.


Most ingenious Christmas Light Display fad this year?


Kaiju return… and you are happy.


That thing must be Frankenstein’s guitar.


It’s boringly called the harp guitar.


On the other ComicCamp, Aquaman was pretty damn rad as well. Thoroughly enjoyed that


Watched with my family and my dad usually just slabbers about superhero films and even he thoroughly enjoyed it.

However, he might be biased because the most enjoyable moment of his life were spent in the sea.


I’m biased as well, I’m a major sucker for good creature design, large-scale battles and Jason Momoa


More of a tribute from different artists.