Say Something Random 5.5


a glitch is an undeveloped feature!


Me: “Ok, my friend wants to watch anime with me over I’ll do it just to humor him, but there’s no way I’m gonna get too into it. I don’t even like anime. What am I gonna do, get involved in shipping wars?”

Me, 2 days later: proceeds to get into an argument over Kill la Kill ships


That’s definitely an entertaining one.

Anime has a lot of stigmas that the general public gives it, but there’s a bunch of good stories to be told and a huge amount of anime with great action or themes.

If an anime comes highly recommended by everyone, it’s probably pretty solid. Attack On Titan, HunterXHunter, My Hero Academia, stuff like that. It might be full of tropes, but it doesnt get popular by being a mediocre and uninteresting trash show. Doubly so if it’s supposed to have action in it. And pretty much all of Studio Trigger’s (the group that made Kill La Kill) work is super fun.

You should watch more anime. Expand your horizons. Even if it’s just the popular stuff. A lot of it is actually pretty good, and way better than is percieved by the public eye.


Well? I’m waiting…


LOL, I’ve been playing this, love the wrestler… he destroys people, but they are adapting… time to hide in a bush… wait for it… NOW FULL SCREEN ELBOW DROP Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Smash.

At your power level poor lil guy will vanish faster than kate middleton’s father.


Alright Garatose. You might already know it that I don’t like you, but now that I see you’ve lost people you care for and are expressing it, then I offer you my condolences.
You’ll understand that life is both joy and pain, and it applies for everyone on Earth, you can’t expect things to happen but only hope and doubts.


Here’s today’s Live Xtrem, Holiday Special. With of course my fetish vehicle.


Unfortunately…I kinda have that one too and that’s one I’ve had a bit harder time of controlling. :frowning:



Did they just not load?


I remember this glitch, it can happen from time to time.


[Angry toilet noises]


If that means what I think it means…

[Second toilet joins the complaining]



My brother wants me to make an Amiibo tournament in Smash Ultimate so I’ve been sitting here for about two days now and I’m finally almost done training the Amiibo’s to level 50.

Edit: I just woke up… I fell asleep training one of them… Oops.



Is this official artwork?


Into the Spider-verse. Is good. Real good.


No, it is not.


Bummer. I was hoping for ultra man.