Say Something Random 5.5


what a brave little buddy.


Normally. I keep to myself, but i’m not feeling very good…


Everything ok?



Anyone playing Evolve right now/later on PC?


I am super jealous of the fleece my dad got.

Totally gonna have to buy myself one.


Stress levels are through the roof and the OCD is getting harder to control



Normally I would have control over it, but the last few weeks it’s running rampant


Holidays man…



Lost my Father and dog to cancer not long ago, and now my brother is diagnosed with cancer and the treatment they are giving him is making him really sick


Sorry man. Praying for you and your Brother.


Sorry, Garry. I really am.


Merry Christmas everyone.

And, although I like the holiday, the day where you see all the family is the worst for me. You see, I’m more of an introvert and for some reason people just like to bug me as I abide my time somewhere in a corner hoping the day goes by faster. I’m still polite and talk back [in my best mediocre French], but I’m really not a very sociable person, especially to people you only see once a year.


What form of OCD do you struggle with? Maybe I can help. I had compulsive even/odd number actions/counting, and of course hand washing/scalding. I have managed over the years to curb these things on my own.




Intrusive thoughts


And that scap was supposed to be a Reliant Regal Supervan…except I hit it so many times it looked like nothing…and it was still driving.
(And no, I have not stopped playing Wreckfest).


Best wishes to you and your family.