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4000 what?


Posts. I was bored and it excited me


But that was post 4018


0-2-2 dart monkey OP




My gif skills are still of high quality (stuck at 20 fps)!


@GoGoGoliath Finally watched Shin (I know, I know), that was a damn good movie. I’m seriously impressed. I think it’s my favorite of the Toho movies.


Pretty doggies




Yep. It’s my favorite Toho Godzilla yet.


I hate how Funimation handled releasing it into the US.
Japan gets 4k and a bunch of extra features, we get a Blu Ray and 1 internet podcast or something like that


@Hillbilly_Deathlord I have a question I think you might be the one with an answer.

Is there any bands out there that mix country with metal? Like not Southern Rock but true metal.


hmmmm most southern metal bands dip into sludge/doom metal, which has a lot of influence from hardcore, though some bands like Weedeater have some more overt southern influence. Some of the heavier stuff from Clutch comes to mind, though even then, it’s less country influence and more blues influence. There’s some jokey stuff with banjo(which is more folky than country) like No One Gets Out Alive. I actually like the instrumentation, but the vocals are pig squeals, so I’m not super into them.


So there is a gap here.

As soon as I can figure out how to play this guitar I can start pioneering country metal.




Am I the only person that can genuinely accept a compliment?


mild epilepsy and sound warning


Damn. That was awesome.


This is my new favorite thing.