Say Something Random 5.5


Personally I think the song is fine and should be kept as a reminder of older times as to never forget them.


Nothing of this new to me at all. I’m well aware of the original meaning of the phrases and lingo.

I personally have nothing against this song but by modern interpretations it comes off as I previously said, rapey.


I love that movie too. If you have time you should give it a second re-watch, because things you didn’t notice during the first one start to make a lot of sense when you know what’s going on.


Turning my FO 76 goodies into a chess set. I know I’ve put more hours into this than the actual game. I’ll pobably spend more time playing chess on it than the game too lol. It’s not done but getting there. Still a lot of painting to do, then the polyurethane.

(Blackish circles in the board and under pieces are magnets)


Now thats pretty cool. Nice.


I live in Irvine, really close to TRS and Blizzard. So yeah… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks boom


Out of 30k users, apparently I’m the only one to own this badge.


Is this not racism? I’m confused because I see nothing wrong with the ad. Not trying to start crap, just not sure what the hubub is about if color doesn’t matter and we are all equal. Someone explain why the outrage?


People like to bicker over nothing. There is literally no difference between people as far as I’m concerned. White, black, and whatever other colors there are, its all the same. People are people. Just like dogs and cats, we come in all different colors and shapes but we are all the same and compatible. I don’t see the issue.


There was a tutorial? Since when? I had never heard of any tutorial on Discourse.


And now, after the “Gilets Jaunes”, the forces of law are protestating against our president.


Hey now my cat is obviously better than all the other cats out there


You’re cat is bad and you should feel bad.


Ur just jealous that my cat has been empirically proven to be better than all the rest and the study has been in many peer reviewed journals.


I wish to see a study.


It’s all over the internet just google it smgdh


What do I Google, Tiger’s cat?


Naw just google best cat in world science and peer review. Should be the first result on google.


4000! Boom!