Say Something Random 5.5



Pepsi is for heathens.


Srs…it’s the best.


All drinks but water and milk are objectively bad.
Prove me wrong


Lol. Ok ok i was playing Fortnite on the switch and i had my headphones pluged in. I didnt realize 2 things. One my earphones had a mic and two i didnt know voice was auto activated either. The mode was 50v50 and i opened a chest and a team mate ran up and stole all my loot. I said what i thought was too myself. U lil shi/ u stole all my stuff.

Then i heard someone say. What was that yellow. And we all laughed and i told them i was still learning controls

So word of advice. Chat is getting auto activated with out warning and be careful

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Love the spine oh wait. It looks like a spine but i think its a flower stem. On my phone, its hard to tell


You didn’t so happen to clip it did you? :joy:


I can’t anymore :joy: this is hilarious

God I love imgur sometimes


kicking a ninja she is


lol, didnt even think about that… I am just now getting into the switch… so im not really familiar with its setups yet.


Whiskey is good for you, milk is not.

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Coffee is good for you. So is tea and wine and beer (in moderation). Do I need to continue? :slight_smile:


Anything that tells me whiskey is good, is fine by me.

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Man I dunno what happened the past couple days but I went from zero to hero in Hunt Showdown.

Like I went from a 25-51 kdr to 46-52 aka 21-1 kdr

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I really need to find time to play that more, last I played was before scopes got added


Man I absolutely looooooove the veterli karabiner with the scope



Except those are all bad