Say Something Random 5.5


Huhuh, I had not paid attention to these details.


Cant decide if you want a wrangler or a pickup truck? WHY NOT BOTH


So I saw this on one of my tv recordings… found it and added the words and arrow. (this slipped by the stephen colbert group (the tv recording i was watching)


Game Grumps are my go-to gaming megachannel.








All asses that Godzilla has kicked up through 2018.

It also doesn’t count humans, because then that’d be a lot of scenes.



I’m so glad that after years of telling people this song is rapey that people are starting to notice.

Took the rest of the world long enough to catch up to me.


Honestly to me it sounds like she wants to stay but she isn’t finding a good reason so the man is giving her reasons to stay.


He literally drugs her drink in the song.


“say whats in this drink?” That used to be a fun play on words when there was unknown alcohol in drinks. Buuut they knew they were drinking already.

I always saw this song as two lovers flirting with each other on a snowy winter night before they get married.
I do see how people can interpret it in the way you mentioned (buts thats with todays mindsets), but I think more leeway needs to be given for the era this was released.

The song came out in 1953, What would roofies even be back then? (edit :: roofies came out 4 years later)


Finally watching Get Out. I’m not easily unnerved, but this movie makes me want to pace the room.


My sister’s participating in a drawing tournament to win a controller from Wankil Studio, she’s among the best drawers of the tweet ( and I wish her the best of luck.

Here’s what she has done:


Who damn, I need a drink after that. Damn good movie.