Say Something Random 5.5


It’s like peanut butter, but gross :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s gross?


Speculoos. I can’t stand it, it’s sticky and icky and blegh >.>


Well, too bad for you, I like speculoos both as a biscuit and as a paste.


Peanut butter is gross :nauseated_face:


What about Nutella?


Peanut butter (Calvé, nothing else :angry:) and Nutella are amazing. But something about Speculoos just tilts me, dunno why


Maybe cause you only had the smooth one, try the crunchy one next time :wink:


We can no longer be friends. I curse you and your future generations.



I got my first Fuggler today! It is a sloth!..and I shall name him Hobo.

People have an immediate reaction to seeing them…love them or hate them!
He is soooo soft!


I wanna like these things but I know where to get the originals that these copy… Lol that sloth is cute though.

Also to the general crowd here. Anyone ever had a electronystagmography before? I’m having one soon and the way the doc described it is worrying me.


The original owner must have sold the license for them. She thanks everyone on Etsy for their support but the shop is on break, and she says Spinnmaster has the “responsibility of breeding fugglers now.”

I’ve never heard of it but looking it up it doesn’t seem too terribly bad? Do you have dizziness issues or?


Anna’s uncanny creatures? Did she change the name? I thought this was one of the copies I’ve been seeing a lot lately.

Also yeah. Experiencing vertigo and other issues for years now.


Vertigo I think I recall you mentioning this to me before. I really hope they can help you with this. My aunt suffers from it and it’s no joke.


I’m dealing with the vertigo, blurry vision and constant headaches currently. Pretty awful stuff really.


I told myself, after getting so deep into everything Pokémon, I would stay clear of the trading cards

And then my grandpa gave (part of?) my uncle’s old collection

I can already see my money evaporate


Man science is boring.


Sorry to hear that, Cpt., keep us posted on what happens at the docs ok?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving forward to quickly with its intertwined plot.

I havent even seen the movie that came out this year and they are already pitching the next movie all over the place with ‘Coming Soon’

Hollywood, you’ve gone and done it. You have successfully destroyed your franchises longevity and I am sorry to break this too you but… Super Hero movies will be gone in just a few short years.