Say Something Random 5.5


PETA recently went on to say we shouldn’t use abusive animal terms.

Ex. Instead of Saying ‘Kill two birds with one stone’ say 'Feed two birds with a scone"

so in that sense of things, I tweeted this to them in response.






Yeah but then there’s the jackass that definitely should have stopped.


I’m frequently the last safe one but there is always one dude 20 yards behind who clearly ran the red.



PETA uses outrage marketing primarily, much like FEMEN, and it genuinely works. You create a controversy that draws attention to yourself, negative or positive, so long as you’re in the center of it. Creating a symbiotic dichotomy between the organization/it’s followers, and those outraged by their actions. The outrage spreads naturally on social media, and encourages people to take sides. I’m afraid to say, this is a perfect example of it working. Given that exposure is their goal.

It’s an older strategy, usually relegated to political orgs/celebrities, but it’s only recently being used to great effect by big corporations. Fast food chains, clothing lines…etc. They make a divisive social “mistake” then let the pot boil for a bit, then soothe it with a copy pasted apology(“we hear you, and we understand…etc”) then profit from the reconciliation.

It’s nasty genius of them, if wicked in motive.


I like the pogues. Did a great song with the Dubliners once. Legendary teeth.


So I’ve been learning guitar this last month. Been a ton of fun. Finally making good progress on a song.

Accidentally added some elements to the song, like I played a whole portion wrong. Added a bunch of extra notes that were supposed to be in the next part.

It ended up sounding awesome and now I’m having trouble not doing it. Lol




The Death Stranding community is now on suicide watch after the game awards show


@SledgePainter did I ever get invited into a premade with you vs GoGoGoliath?


What happened? I haven’t been keeping up.


I am also interested and @BearStream I got in woo


Seems like I got a few games to look forward to. Anthem, CP2077 and now this



Was hoping it was some sort of new titanfall but this still looks good!


Did you EVER? Probably so, I imagine. @GoGoGoliath and I used to play all the time and he was a tough monster to beat, as Goliath or Behemoth.


I remember getting a little grumpy if I lost even two bars of health back in the day…as Behemoth…