Say Something Random 5.5


That sounded very gross ur banned for the day go sit in a corner and thing about what u did.



What’s scary is it actually kinda looks like a younger version of your profile pic…


I don’t even look like the profile pic anymore. Lol


Too late to chime in but…

American pancake. Smallest of the three, but the thickest of the three. I’m not american, but from what I’ve gathered these are generally breakfast/lunch food. Most commonly served with Syrup

‘Regular’ pancake. Generally a bigger diameter, but not as large as Crêpes. Likewise, far thinner than American pancakes, but still a bit thicker than Crêpes. Mostly dinner food (at least here in the Netherlands). Usually served with either Syrup or crystal sugar (though stuff like jam isn’t uncommon either)

Crêpes. Very wide diameter (during my visits to France the biggest cooking plates I’ve seen used must’ve been close to a meter in diameter), but very thin; hence they’re usually folded twice into as shown above. Generally a snack rather than a full meal (again, not French, so not sure). Most commonly served with Nutella and/or powdered sugar over it.

That would be my take on it at least :joy:


From the angle of thr photo, they really do look like Crêpes. Not saying they are, if you’ve said they’re not and you made them - well, you know best. But I can see the confusion.


I mean, you can have savoury ingredients. At the Christmas Market in my country’s capital, I had a crêpe that chorizo, basil, fresh chili and… Some other thing, that I cannot remember. But they were doing ham&cheese ones or bacon ones too. And of course, sweet ones like Nutella and banana or lemon and sugar.

The main difference between a pancake and crêpe is whether or not a rising agent has gone into the batter.





I know someone who talks about cats everyday, like redundantly, tirelessly, 24/7 if possible…and he’s boring.


I loved this show.

Edit: it’s kind of like how adventure time accentuates cuteness, but it’s with ugliness instead.


Is it possible to watch on their site?


I’m not sure actually. they have it on hulu apparently. I checked CN website, but the videos were unavailable in my area for whatever reason.


Hmmm drat.



Actually, the song “The Great Art of Living” from Jay Ray and Wreckfest is starting to inspire me, tomorrow I’ll start working on an SFM screenshot.

I just need the right models, too bad they’re all on Gmod. If I wanted these models, I would have to extract the Gmod models into an SFM folder and use the software Crowbar, then fix the lack of opacity with Blender and find a way to color them properly or else they’d always have this boring mat white.
I can ask the community in case I need help, but sometimes the fixing processes are so complicated it makes me lose interrest trying to fix my problems in SFM.
Also…VALVE, WHY DON’T YOU UPDATE SFM, GOD DAMN IT!? It hasn’t been updated since years, literally, and there’s still many bugs to fix and that has not been fixed. It’s like one SFM user called LazyPurple has struggled with the colorisation of a laser, the prevention of epileptic lightnings, the beards’ colorisation, etc…(he made a video about it).

Aaaaanyway, do some of you use SFM or had used it at least once?


I am a purple snurple.


I’m going to scrap my scene, it feels too simple and empty to me. I’ll try a scene in the theme of “dominance” then post it in the fan-art thread.



I went to play Evolve today, no one was in matchmaking.
I miss this game sometimes.