Say Something Random 5.5


Oh but what if you add sandwich like ingredients?


I once mowed of my own big toe… I was trying to mow under my fathers sailboat. Has those annoying tri-post stands… Never lift on the mower handle if your falling backwards… Just putting that out there…




I used to go to a chain restaurant called Cora’s and my favourite meal there was called the sunshine and it was basically a breakfast burrito using a crepe, cheese, egg and ham but pretty much every meal there came with half a plate of fruit so you’d get melon, grapes, blueberries, kiwi, strawberry, banana and orange slices.


I just ate some crêpes recently this diner, I made myself three salted crêpes and then I went straight onto the sweet flavours. With some cinnamon and some speculoos dough covering the crêpe, it tastes super good, even better if the dough melt.


Man, Mothra looks way different but I really like it! I’m so excited!


Crepe sandwich?


That site didn’t help me at all. Still look like crepes though. Best as I can tell it’s based on how they are prepared. At least it’s Iike that here.

I ate some inch thick fluffy pancakes today I made. Slathered in peanut butter and maple syrup.


I don’t like pancakes I prefer french toast.


I like all 3. Third being waffles.


Well waffles are obviously above pancakes just because of the fact that belgian waffles exist.


They are all good.


I mean pancakes are decent… I guess.


Pancakes aren’t great on their own. IMO they really only work as a combo to other flavors. Like chocolate, fruit, syrups, or peanut butter. Just as examples. Lots of ways to eat them. But they’re relatively boring to have plain.

Waffles and toast taste better to me. I also enjoy the numerous different ways to make both of them. Even without spreads, toppings, or syrup, they’re just tasty.


All of which are just as good if not better on waffles or french toast and the base flavour of those two are better


I liked pancakes too until I started eating french toast instead now it’s like why bother with pancakes when I can have french toast.

Also imho french toast sandwiches are like super amazing.


You people know you can add seasonings to your pancake batter right?

Mine are delicious without anything on them. I just put peanut butter and syrup because it’s even better.

Mahlab, nutmeg and cinnamon are my big three seasonings.


You can add seasonings and stuff to your waffles or french toast too.

Like basically pancakes are a 5 and you can get em up to a 6 or 7 without adding toppings but waffles and french toast start off at a 6 and get to like an 8 without toppings and with a little extra effort they’re sitting at like a 9 or 10 while pancakes cap out at like an 8.


I am about to rain down righteous harm upon your body, Moose.


Bah your sickly and weak pancake body is no match for my springy and delicious french toast body.


Imma get you all syrup soggy. Just you wait.

That sounded kinda gross. Lol