Say Something Random 5.5


Why haven’t you? Hella good graphics


No interest, really.
I’ve been pretty disappointed by the HP EU.


Wow Marriot got hacked and 500 million guests may have been exposed.


I thought it looked rather cartoony. Big disconnect between the live action.

That’s just me though. I’m also cynical. Lol


Oh Nice…


Do you folks have heard of or remember THQ, the company that used to own Evolve’s copyright before its bankruptcy? Well, it’s not dead, I recently bought myself Wreckfest (a demolition derby racing game) and found out that the developers of this game got hired by a certain THQ Nordic.

I’m glad it’s not Take-Two, 2K or EA or any of those “never fed enough” publishers who hired Bugbear.


Yeah. Best thing is THQ Nordic bought rights to Timesplitters. SO MUCH YES


I don’t think you’re into car games, am I right?
Never heard of Timesplitters by the way.


I’m 34 goddamn years old and I haven’t learned to drive yet. You’re a hero in my eyes.


Nah I used to play Gran Turismo when I was younger but that was about it. And if you havent heard of Timesplitters you gotta go get the games and play them my dude


also, @ToiletWraith

I LOVE Timesplitters



That’s one long boi


just testing something folks, pay me no mind.


Pancake game is on point


If they’re thin enough to roll, wouldn’t that be a crepe?


They’re taking sign-ups for the anthem closed alphas btw if anyone is interested.

Consoles are on a waiting list but PC doesn’t seem to be. Also the first set of PC closed alpha is the 8th and 9th


The new designs for Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah have been released. They look incredible!! :scream:


Nou look incredible


Thats a crepe dont lie! jk jk Love it when things come out just the way we like it!