Say Something Random 5.5


Nono, I put it off for a long time. My sister started learning at 19 (Obviously money is a factor) however I started this late (24 years old) because I had a fear all that time ago that I might be a danger to the roads due to my epilepsy that I had from 7 through 17 years old. Then I moved country, etc etc.


My first vehicle was a motorcycle which is basically stick


85 Chevy Scottsdale that someone removed the V6 and replaced it with a 350 V8. It was stupid but fun.

It’s MPG was 8. Lol


I know how to drive stick purely because when I first moved down to FL, a dealership was trying so hard to get rid of a manual pick up that the owner sent a sales rep with me to teach me how to drive it.

He said I picked it up quicker than he expected, but maybe he was just saying that. Didn’t buy the truck.


2000 something kawasaki ninja lol.

54 mpg


Looked like this but was solid red on the body and white from the windows up. Had a white racing stripe on the hood.


Mine was just a plain as fuck black ninja 250.

Basically this



You can apply for your Provisional Driver’s Licence at 17 years old where I live. And then you just take your lessons, and then do your test and then (assuming you pass) you can drive.




This needs to also be animated by Deathklok!


Done for Deadrebirth:



They should let us marry her


Someone has probably already beat you to it, considering all of the things people are marrying now-a-days. XD


Oooo oooo obsidian is making a game inspired by Arcanum and Fallout I am super excited

Also lead devs are Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky

Looks less retrofurist than I was expecting from the initial pic


@SledgePainter didn’t know you had a band :stuck_out_tongue:


The name makes it sound religious


I can’t help but wonder are werewolves viewed as furries now days


I do not think that lycanthropy would fit under the same social umbrella as furries. Werewolves are typically portrayed as and treated as monsters, rather than as a member of a particular social group.