Say Something Random 5.5


How many games is that? I’m seeing at least ten?

Dark souls
Lego Star Wars
Mario kart
Super Mario 64(?)

Least sure of this one tbh

Fallout(?) compass


It’s your post, and that sums up your content.
Plus, you asked yourself the question that everybody is thinking when you post something, and I would have never thought you’d say it yourself.


I wonder how much time the creator of this record must have wasted. Probably an entire year, what else should I say?


What about the minimap?


The minimap is runescape.


I was anticipating the special and was sad to see it cut off too short.


Probably an absurd amount of time. I was just so baffled when I saw it I had to share.

Edit: actually, now that I think about it, the most work would be getting the DOOM guy and the DS boss(undead legion i think) on a mario 64 map. Everything else is just HUD


Gaining admission to the legion is a matter of some ceremony…

I got Hawkwood glitched on that line. It was quite annoying.


I was also thinking about that for a moment. The HUD might have been added as an edit instead of an actual in-game HUD.


The compass, health bar and shield bar is Fortnite

Old Fortnite


Ah ok I knew it looked familiar but I’ve never played Fortnite.


Yaaay I had my first driving lesson today and only stalled thrice on the same damn corner



Or nah?


Yay! It was… Fun! I doubt myself a little but I got it after a while


I’ve never driven stick and I am 36 so good for you!


I’d take my drivers test if I could… I’m just waiting for my parents to get my Certificate of Birth Abroad or whatever it’s called.


My dad tried to teach me exactly once. He got mad because I didn’t immediately get it and never tried again.

Good thing almost every thing is automatic these days.


Should be helpful for you and @ToiletWraith


The secret is finding “the bite” and it all goes great from there.


Is it normal for Europeans to learn to drive this late?

Like where I’m from it’s learn at 15. License at 16.