Say Something Random 5.5


I didn’t even know he had it. That’s a terrible disease. :confused:


awww, that’s a sad loss for the animation industry. R.I.P.


A new episode o.0?


He’s had a couple this year I believe.

Hes going to run out of games eventually. Lol


Well I recommended to him Bilestode. That would be fun to see.


I can’t find anything with a search. What is this?


1st hit… did you even try? image

it was actually fun, right up there with Bolo


I did. I even tried adding a + in front to exclude other results. Literally nothing on the web or image search for me.


I can’t find it because you spelled it wrong… Lol


His feet are still attached to the cliff, he can pull his doggo self back without harm. What a good pupper


That would be impressive.


I found it with my spelling lol google search autofill ftw!

below is Bolo


It didn’t work for me. :frowning:


Try that


If I spell it right I get the game. If I spell like @Kathryn_James did I get “Bible Toads”.


Well your google search just isnt used to you yet… Love your A.I. Feed your A.I… like i do with massive spelling erros lol i make that search bar sweat


The fuck is this?


The new Evolve sequel.


The making of Jack Link’s Sasquatch