Say Something Random 5.5


You evolved leftover spaghetti in your face?? I mean… that’s not really a good evolution but… you do you I guess.




I like trucks. Never was a fan of cars. I wish I could afford to get another truck.
Mine was an 03 Dodge Ram quad cab 1500. I had some Rockford Fosgate speakers and Kicker subwoofers installed.

It was bad ass.

I want to get a Tundra at some point.


I want to compose all organic matter. Everything will be like me!


I don’t know why everytime someone say “truck” I think about haulers like for the Man TGX D38 and not “pick-up” kinds of trucks like the Dodge Ram you mentionned. But pick-ups are beasts as well, they just hit harder and weight heavier than most cars, bonus if they have a bullbar (bullbars looks epic though).


The reason people call them trucks is because the full name is pickup truck. It’s just shorter, and sounds better than pickup in my opinion.


But it tends to confuse, you have the pick-up trucks and the big trucks. Do you say “I use a truck for my job of heavy transport” or “I drive a truck with my family”?


Yes to both.

I don’t know anyone who has ever been confused by that. 99% of everyone I know uses truck as well.

Big rigs for hauling stuff are semis and other large trucks have their own names too. Like dumptruck for example.


I call every vehicle a car, but if I get technical I divide vehicles into 3 divisions



Now that I think about it, monster trucks are usually pick-up trucks heavily customised with gigantic wheels. But there’s monster trucks that doesn’t use pick-up trucks as a car of origin. So muscle cars for example can be turned into monster-TRUCKS.

PS: my mother drive an (old and slightly bumped) Opel Zafira, an SUV. Now they bought the electric Kia from the Mondial de l’auto (the Tesla was too costy) and they’re currently waiting to get it.


Is that… is that… and you thought I couldn’t burn that song into you ^.^


Took this pic back in 2009 when phone cameras sucked. but I think I could still turn this into a painting.


peers into chat



Where’s Pride Rock?


I want a late 60’s Chevy impala

Also someone got into the creatine



When the scammer decides he doesn’t want to scam you


Lol right, nice pic, if you look in the upper left corner you will see an edge of my car door… But the big black piece is the the cell phone digital messing up the picture. (it was a shadow windows phone back then)

I do have a better pic though of another sunset… let me fetch it.


see my car technique got better over the years ^.^ well and my phone.)


My favorite would be supercars. The exhaust’s crackle sounds, roaring V8’s and the huge wing on the back.

As my favorite car, I would go for Arrinera Hussarya GT3.


That couger does not skip the gym.


1st image of InSight MARS Nasa Rover right after touchdown. Lense is covered with dust.

I decided I should clean up the lens for NASA…