Say Something Random 5.5


Honestly, the pick your own boots thing is pretty cool.


Yeah its about time not a fan of the brown boot being preferred but whatevs


So can you pick any boots, or is it like an approved list?


Any boots within reason I believe. Like there are requirements but I dunno off the top of my head


I’d pick a pair of whites if I could.


It’s my sticky behemoth just in time for the holidays!


That’d be a no lol. We get the choice of black or brown iirc


Black it is!


Brown is preferred though


i am a skateboarder through and through…


Whites is a brand, not a color.


Most people get swats < rockies < Lowa

Swats are better than issued but not good. Rockies are great and I’ve heard Lowas are better but I unno tbh

Danner are also considered good.


I’ve heard good from Danner but I’ve read a lot of issues from them as well.


From what I understand they’re a lighter weight boot which has pros and cons depending on whether ur a bitch with weak ankles or not


Whites Smokejumpers would make excellent boots but they aren’t what people see in military footwear now a days.



(Shirt at Tee Fury)


I keep mentionning it every month, but I love muscle cars. I love to hear the cylinders shaking the engine, the exhausts exploding of fury, the wheels burning as it scratches the asphalt, the agressive look of the body…but what about you? What kind of vehicle do you like?
I don’t mean only muscle cars, I mean all kinds of cars, they can be exotic cars, Gran Turismo, rally cars, monster trucks, off-roaders (even from the Paris Dakar), buggies, hot-rods, even tuned cars (althrough I prefer when there’s a minimum of tuning, not like those lightning flashy ones with gigantic spoilers and chromed wheels).
For me, it would be the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 50th Edition (as you might see on my profile’s card).


I have upgraded



Is that leftover spaghetti on your face?


I am evolving