Say Something Random 5.5


It’s common for people to do that. They just want you to download the game to play it in the hopes that you might spend some money on something with micro transactions. They try to appeal to teens with scantly clad women or young kids by showing some awesome gameplay that isn’t actually gameplay. People have always tried to take advantage of others and this is just another version of it that I highly doubt will die down.


12 more days and I’ll have been here for a year.


sir im insulted


Well if you insist dies




I love that game so much.

Edit: That looks really good btw. The shading on the blue fabric especially.


Just kidding


I find your drawings adorable.



I agree, she needs to post more.


If I may, I will be stealing that…

Runs off


What do you mean?



This. I just stole it.


I don’t find it funny from you to say that joke.

Now I remember you’ve done the same thing with a gif I had made from Markiplier. Quit pissing me off or things will get worse!


No offense tho I just like adding stuff to my meme collection. If ya don’t like it, I won’t do the joke anymore.


Thank you, because I hate to feel mocked.


You’re taking things a little to seriously bud. They were just making a harmless joke. Let’s not cut the ties of friendship over something this harmless.


I don’t like “harmless jokes”. While I’m young, I take a lot of things seriously and I don’t like to be told things in a way that it amuses the teller. I can be sweet sometimes, but deep inside of me is much darker than what you can usually think.

I have bad memories from the forums of Dispenz0r’s Fun Servers, memories where the community did not give a shit about my life and my feelings when I was being serious towards them.
They had taken every word of mine as a joke, like if I was a clown to their eyes, a 24/7 comedy show for their amusement.

Now this is what I am, someone who built a hate towards jokes of bad taste from a TF2 community forum. I even left two Discord servers, because their communities were immature to me, joking non-stop and mocking me when I told them to stop, even insulting me and following with an image showing “geeeeeet dunked”!


When you see the glorious visage of TRS’ new game appearing before you upon the horizon.