Say Something Random 5.5


Sounds like Muskogee. It was considered a town when I was a kid but it’s now a city.


imagine the features of a town, but like…a lot of it. like towns stacked on eachother. It’s all 1 story buildings. we have like a handful of tall buildings


Haha I get that. I think I’ve seen a few.

Tahlequah is a beautiful place. If I’m ever forced back to Oklahoma I am making sure I’m living there. Supposedly number 14 of best small towns in America by a magazine that now escapes me.


I’ll share some when I’m home I remember


I’m so damn salty ATM. Saw two Kirlia raids in my town. First one went mighty good (89% IV’s and nearly max CP, bingo!), but after finishing the second raid, my app crashed… And it was cloudy weather as well, so they were weather-boosted… :rage::sob:


VOTE… Otherwise you don’t get to bitch about politics with any weight to your words.


Honestly the only reason I’m playing Pokémon Go is to get Meltan or whatever it’s name is. I’m not a fan of it being a Pokémon Go exclusive tbh I wish they’d just give him away like a normal even Pokémon and have Pokemon Go as an alternative option if you miss the date.


10/10 I would wear it.


I have a similar story but my fingers would not work to allow me to use my guitar. I used YouTube for tutorials and found them to be great…just, my fingers fail and I had to get rid of my black Fender. :frowning:


I vote Negan. At least you know what he stands for and doesn’t lie.


Did a couple more doodles. Luffy and a really buff frog from Fallout 76.


Looks beautifull! Not jealous at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m homesick too. Haven’t seen my grandparents and the rest of my family in almost 5 years and my parents in 2.

Here’s some pictures of my hometown Middelkerke in Belgium:




Not a lot of trees…lol lots of beaches though. Do you get to swim a lot?


what’s y’alls favorite scene from the OG Sam Raimi spiderman? I think the scene where Uncle Ben gives Peter his final words is still really powerful, as cheesy as the Sam Raimi trilogy is. Spoilered in case anyone is sensitive to the image.



Edgy spiderman dancing through the streets still cracks me up.


My favourite scene is the one where Spiderman comes down from the rooftops for the kiss with MJ and she’s all like “SIKE!” and just rips his mask off to see who it is, then is a bit bummed at the reveal so walks off to get a taxi.


For people who wants to sleep.


Not a lot of trees where I lived, have to go more inland and even then it’s more farmland than actual forests. I still enjoyed living at the sea though, even miss it. The breeze makes a certain sound you can pick up that is quite soothing, especially with the waves in the background.


To be honest, if you hadn’t said so it could just as well been Zandvoort or near The Hague :joy:


Haha, I know right! There isn’t much difference at all between Belgian or Holland coastal cities :stuck_out_tongue: