Say Something Random 5.5


But theyre not even done with the current series. If the ones past the prequels were good then the next one would be bad if it’s cyclical.

If that’s what you’re saying? I don’t know. I’m tired.


Why is this talk of Starwars making me believe that there’s gonna be another year with Starwars all over the internet, the TV and the medias like we had last year? I don’t like Star Wars personally, like I don’t like football at all such as when France (my country) won.
But you’re free to talk about it, I was just passing by to say my thoughts.


Oh my bad. The last movie was so bad i thought it was the third movie. See what happen s when you post things when you wAke up


Haha nope. Still waiting on the 3rd. I personally think it was still better than any of the prequels, but I’m not a Star Wars fan at all.

I actually like Kylo Ren.


All they have to do is make a movie about Mace Windu…it’s win/win and money in the bank. I hear tell the purple saber means he had a brush with the dark side and I totally wanna see Mace in action again. Yes, I know it was purple because it was Samuel’s favorite color…but in the lore I think it means he was once within the dark side or something having to do with the dark side at least and imagine how awesome that movie would be man…


Personally, myself, I’m not a Star Wars fan. I watched the movies when I was younger, but barely remember them at all. Now, I don’t hate the new movies, but I don’t like Rey at all and she kind of ruins them for me.

I think that the robot in Rogue One was the best part of any of the movies only because I have an extreme love toward robots.


People keep coming into my boyfriend’s house on Fo76 beta and using his work benches :joy:


Did they take silly pictures as well? I hope they did 'cause I’ve watched a livestream of someone playing Fo76 and he took a picture of a corpse on a bench while two of his crewmates sat aside the corpse.

And tbh, I want to get myself Fo76, not like those on the internet who keep saying “Booooh Fallout 76 is canceeeeeeer lolololol lmaoooooooo” like if it was entertaining to spit at a game. If on for example I comment “I want to get that game”, I get mass-disliked just because I want to get myself Fo76.


He should lock his doors.


Can’t lock doors unless you have:
-Plans for a keypad door




Put a lot of spikes on the ground then…if you dare, at least you’ll hear “crunch” all day if they’re masochistic.


Nah, unless they attack you the damage defences you put down won’t engage.


Even the spikes won’t deal damages?


Kind of weird but really cool.

Sort of like Final Fantasy meets raw denim.


There’s some excellent drawings from Oxygen Not Included, especially this one with Abe (and I don’t mean Abe Presley, I mean Abe the dupe).


When you watch adds from your phone games, don’t you find it annoying to see those poor quality adds who shows fake gameplays with poor quality animations and a fake HUD such as the pad controller?

It’s always the same thing, let me give you an example.
“I have an erratic gamepad that doesn’t properly follow my movements, I do animations that are too shifty, I have no stuff at all, I kill weak ennemy, I loot SUPER MEGA ULTRA HYPER GIGA COSMIC quality stuff that I immediately equip, then I go kill hordes of ennemies, then I loot EVEN HIGHER FUCKING QUALITY LOOT, then add ends with a banner that says DOWNLOAD GAME”.

Those kinds of adds who show fake gameplay with an animation (because yes, these adds are animations) are even worse than the usual clickbaits you find on medias because not only these adds are of terrible quality, but they’re also made to bait the viewers into a game that it super pay-to-win or even has paywalls in worse cases.

Not only that, but some use copyrighted content without the rights. I’ve seen adds with the Engineer from TF2 gardenning in a zombie game or even a footage of Dead Rising 3 for another zombie game. Even once, one add about dragons had the Rathian from the Monster Hunter universe, the same model and the same animations.

Or even those adds who are sexist IMO. They show you a woman with an armor that barely covers (don’t judge me) her large jigglebones breast, her crotch and/or her butt. All the rest is uncovered because the animators of these adds thought “she’s a woman so she needs to be sexy as fuck anywhere and anytime and no one will call us perverts”.

Anyway, if you see an add with a foolish gameplay, don’t download the game. If you see copyrighted content, report it to the creators of the content (usually the publishers/developpers). If you see an add with at least one woman who’s super sexy and who’s barely in armor and that you download the game from that add…I’d ask myself some questions.


Bought a guitar today. Walked into Guitar Center to look for a book for my mother in law. Left with an acoustic guitar.

Anybody know any good online tutorials to learn to play?


Feeling homesick. Here is pictures of my home town.

Anybody care to share some of theirs?


beautiful. the mainstreet looks like my dad’s town(ghost town now). Mine ain’t pretty. it’s not small either. it’s a city, but it’s like a town blew up. hard to explain.