Say Something Random 5.5


Yeah it looks really good! I’m a little sad we didn’t get a new Xenoblade rep other than a Mii fighter coustume but I’m hoping we can get one for DLC. I also like how it actually seems to have voice acting. Hopefully all the characters will be voiced for cutscenes well… those who speak that is.


The Piranha Plant reveal was glorious on live chat.


Oh yeah it was hilarious. Everyone thought it was Geno. Honestly tho Pirrana Plant just doesn’t seem like a fun character. I mean… it’s just Pirrana plant. There’s not much you can do with it unlike some other characters. I like his final smash tho.

Edit: I also really liked the attention to detail in the cutscene as well! Shulk had a vision, Falcon tried to get into his ship, Falco tried to fly away, Inklings tried to dive under the ink to be safe, when Palutana got hit Pit lost his power of flight. Tho dark Pit doesn’t make sense because Palutana doesn’t give him the power of flight in KI:U and Viridi confirms in smash 4 that Dark Pit is under her control which means she must be giving him the power of flight but we didn’t see her get hit.


I’m just so happy with the adventure mode aspect. That mode brought the characters together in the past emissary mode.


Considering the different kind of plants there have been over the past 30 years or so, there’s actually a lot you can do with them.


Yeah I guess so but it’s just nothing really new. I guess he might be. We’ll have to see when he comes out.


Sure dude, whatever helps you sleep at night. :slight_smile:


Jokes on you, I was sleeping like a baby before you put Godzilla v Gamera in my mind and I still do :wink:





My Universe

There is no good in this universe. There is no evil in this universe. There is only one.

One balance, one idea and one you. Everything in front of you and everything behind is just in your imagination. It is the moment that we live in that matters. If you lose that moment you have not lost your chance, you’ve simple decided to choose another route.

It is when we make connections during this life, it is that which matters most. Your reality is but your own. To share your reality with another is the true gift. When two come together they share ideas and alter each others universe. Yet… We are still alone.

Everything you perceive, every thought that runs across your mind, holds only value with you. That is what makes connections with others so important. You are changing two universes with each interaction.

Do you look to build up and grow anothers universe even with little or no benefit to your own?

If a person can step outside all the noise for just a moment and take the time to inspire another to do something as well or do you only look to improve your own universe?

We can live very fulfilled lives without ever improving anothers and we could be fine or we could practice self sacrifice and help teach one another. If the universe is but our own, it is the sacrifice to step out of that universe and into another that truely brings us forward as a whole.

TriXieKat 2018



It’s completely different when you compare it to Don’t Starve. Don’t Starve is a survival game while Oxygen not Included is a managment game.

There is so many factors to handle, so many that you can easily lose the track.
If for example my duplicants don’t have a toilet, they pee on themselves and leave dirty water on the floor, which induces stress and a risk of hypothermia if they walk on it (debuff most attributes of a duplicant for a long period of time).

If they don’t have oxygen or a path to breathe air, they die of suffocation.

If their immunitary system fall to 0%, they either have food poisoning (non-lethal), either have slimelungs (lethal if not treated).

If they become stressed at 100%, they can stress-vomit (will vomit dirty water 4 or 5 times on the floor), or destroy buildings, or consume more food than needed, or simply cry with a decoration malus on their surroundings (wich is the least influencing stress reaction IMO).

If they’re not cleaned, they leave germs on anything they touch with a risk of reducing their immunitary system and getting food poisoning.

Not only these, but there’s a lot of gases, liquids and solid ressources that are of limited (but thankfully renewable) quantity. Water and oxygen are one of the most important ressources in the game, the water because it’s used to clean your duplicants, to allow researches, to grow crops, to make food, to make oxygen (if algae becomes scarce), etc… If you have dirty water, you can recycle it into clean water, but it requires machineries and electrical power.

Anyway, to sum up, Oxygen not Included is a mega complex managment game, and it’s a difficult one.


I watched Jackspedicey play it a while back. Looks like a lot of fun.



Star Wars, the 2nd set starting with Phantom Menace are far better Star Wars Trilogy than that of the newest trilogy.

With that said, I think the new trilogy should release around 2027. (based on my estimation only)





I was just sitting back and thinking about the last Star Wars Trilogy and it wasnt any good… Then I thought about when they release new trilogies in the series and if they stick true to form the next release should be 2027. (not counting them rushing the main series anytime soon)
Just thinking out loud