Say Something Random 5.5



It’s Halloween yay



Carved my first pumpkin today.

Pumpkins are weird.


Nobody ever tells you about the gutting part eh


I’ve seen my dad do it before, but I didn’t fully appreciate how slimey and stringy they are.


Weird and tasty. You should roast the seeds.



Netflix new Sabrina show is being sued by the Satanic church for the statue of Satan. Lol


I hate those people that just take the whole bowl of candy when you put it outside for people to grab from.


That’s what you get for trusting humans. The whole lot is lousy.


Those beautiful Italian bastards.


They took the candy and the bowl that was holding the candy. Talk about some serious dicks.



I have bought myself Oxygen not Included…and god do I suck at it. I suck even more at it than The Binding of Isaac, everyone’s at 100% stress, they all do a mess, they all die of starvation…the absolute chaos.


I think it’s funny but you know I side with Gamera all the way. He don’t need to prove him worth to the likes of Godzilla. He knows his greatness and doesn’t have to flaunt it.


Sounds worse than Don’t Starve. No thanks.


Sounds like someone who knows, deep down, that Godzilla is better :smiling_imp:



well Cpt. how often d you eat more than just the kernals? lol I usually stop at that point.