Say Something Random 5.5


Did a couple of doodles tonight.


I don’t know what the last one is but I like him.


Can I offer you guys some blackberries?


Not saying I condone this but…


So it was just him and hie friend alone in Antarctica with a stack of books…and the one guy was a faster reader and spilled the endings over and over? Cabin fever, isolation, and trolling are truly a dangerous mix.


I wouldn’t harm the other person but I’d definitely be upset with them.


The last one is a Chuchu from Zelda. :smiley:


Anyone who is watching Making a Murderer Season 2? Like, I’m not really the type that goes out and watches documentaries, most of them overdramatize and hardly are factual. But man, this one definitely is different.


Probably not a friend more likely a co-worker.


For me it was today… after seeing this meme


Never got why the middle color was red. Never saw crn that was red on the inside.


Cause you don’t live in hell the only place it’s acceptable to give it out for Halloween.


For Khorne!


I woulda whupped that ass for sure.


Yeah stabbings a little over the top but you can guarantee after a certain point I’d have gotten into a big argument then a fist fight if he didn’t stop and then a stabbing if he won the fist fight.


I didn’t even know you could stack it
Plus I’ve never eaten that many to think about stacking it


I woulda waited for him to put down the book he was reading and ripped out the last 10 pages… and continued to do so till he said something… I’ve always been a little to observant… its been a hindrance but also a gift…


I kinda assumed that was the reason for the name…


I’ve lost enough weight I can slav squat. Lol

Time to buy some Adidas track pants.


I’m almost there dude. once i’m down like 120 i know i can slav squat for centuries.