Say Something Random 5.5


Don’t you mean the grizzly or the bear?


Hey now I don’t assume gender sexuality


Today, I have been a good hoovy in TF2. I gave everyone some nutricious bananas whenever they needed them. It made me very happy!




my teacher JUST used this in class. Can’t remember why






Who plays “The Crew 2” here?


9/10 …needed more Freddy, and Freddy singing.


Needs less auto tune.


It is 4 in the morning. I am awake. Alone with myself.





Sadly still awake. Being on my phone probably isn’t helping. But then again nights like these would have me staring at the void for hours.

Edit: several typos.


it ain’t, trust me. I installed a red screen tint thingie so I wouldn’t stay up all god damn night


Just want to keep my film appearance in people’s minds after all these years.


Ugh Rdr2 releases tomorrow and still nothing has been said about PC release all so they can gouge some retards that will buy it twice


Remember that it’s from Rockstar Games, which is owned by Take-Two Interactive, the one who owns 2K Games.


I didn’t know this…thanks for stopping me before I made a bad decision.