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Now that’s just plain rude >:T




Is new game plus not out for Spider-Man yet?


Oof oof oof oof lolz.

Hi y’all.


Count Slowly



This sounds less than promising


And I guess that the toxic fans will keep spitting at it because “it’s a multiplayer so it’s dead”…


Naw FO76 just sounds like it’s not gonna be very good.


If these toxic fans were here, you’d have over 100 likes just for that comment.


It’s not toxic to say that FO76 does not look like a good game.

We’re not even gonna be able to have modders fix their game till after we get private servers


I’m not hopeful, I think Bethesda is scared. Wanna know why?
They won’t sell FO76 on Steam. Steam would usually get a small amount of the money made off a game. I think Bethesda is so scared that they wanna rake up as much as they can, and hope it gets off the ground. Regardless, I’m still looking forward to it despite the amount of backlash it can or will receive.


That’s true, and it’s better than those who comment on


30% really isn’t a small amount of money. Still, sad to hear it’s not coming to Steam. :confused:


Isn’t 30% their base cut? I’m pretty sure sure the big names like bethesda get to negotiate a better deal.


Regardless, Bethesda probably want all they can get. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like I know bears are big and all but sometimes I see stuff and it just reminds me how terrifyingly big they actually are


Sure, but whatever they’ve been negotiating, Bethesda clearly wasn’t satisfied. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes companies just don’t think things through. They want a larger cut of a smaller pie.


Wish I had a friend like that


The bear or the man lol?