Say Something Random 5.5






Hey, my friend just contacted me and he remembers a lot of the comics I have bought over the past in the late 80’s through the 90’s and he just said that one of them is now worth 800.00 score!

ps. when I get a chance, he said I should have that batman Nazi thing you wanted. (but I have to go through over a 1000 comics to see)



Jazz music and giant robots. What more could you want? Dubbed:



synced… ^.^ ok im a dork I know.


Probably the best Gundam movie they put out in years, honestly. Hope you enjoy it.




Not as funny as the Shane one, but it was good :smiley:



Did you know, Specialist, that this guy you used as a reaction is Logan Paul? He’s the guy who found and recorded a dead body in Aokigahara then lacked respect towards it. Just saying.


I’m assuming that’s the point. A little dark humor for us.


I don’t get it.


Logan knew he fucked and had to apologize, also there was talks of Japan banning him from the country


A haunted forest…

Logan went to a forest known for suicide and possible hauntings…


Oh, now I see…



I believe they are talking about the detective comic where batman fights the kkk.


I did know, although I did not know the name of the forest, how do I pronounce that word :joy: