Say Something Random 5.5


Easy, sure if you had a kid with a cochlear implant. The story was fun and they kept the tension ratcheting up.

VVitch I liked because it showed how quickly things can devolve, even among family.


I solved it anyway. Took me 3 hours, but I’m alright.


I mean. They knew it was hearing-based. My family was yelling at the TV for them to use speakerphones and stuff halfway through.

I didnt think VVitch was scary. It escalated to 100 really fast, but didnt feel like anything special happened. People just started dying in moderately disappointing ways. Movie didn’t have any substance, or anything scary at all.


“we have such sights to show you!”
I guess the sights didn’t deliver.

An excellent start! I look forward to all Y’all postin what spoopy stuff you’re up to this season!


I’ll likely keep you all updated.

Whether you want me to or not…


Ya know I kind of agree, but at this point, the best horror movies I’ve seen recently aren’t scary, they are more unsettling. This is a bit hard to explain, but I’ll try anyway. I don’t think people are really making good traditional horror movies anymore. I just can’t get into the gimmick horror movies that come out essentially year round that are just 8 or 9 jumpscares in a house in between boring poorly written dialogue. That’s not scary to me, it’s just getting surprised. The reason they keep making them, is they are DIRT cheap to make(especially the found footage movies they were making a ton of a few years ago) and make huge returns, even though they are super forgettable.

The best horror movies I’ve seen recently are
Under the Skin
The VVitch
It Follows(has one genuinely good jumpscare)
Don’t Breathe
The Blackcoat’s Daughter
The Killing of a Sacred Deer(kinda)
Get Out

These all blur the genre lines, and you could make decent arguments that they aren’t really horror movies, but they aren’t wholly any other genre either. They are all disturbing and unexpected, which is the most refreshing thing about them, but they aren’t scary to me. It’s a weird thing. I’m not fully capable of explaining it, but I feel like I appreciate them more for trying something new and unsettling, instead of not trying at all and releasing a cheap dud that’ll make money anyway.

I think it’s kinda like were at the end of the slasher era again. Back then they were releasing a bunch of sequels in slasher franchises that made money because of their name, but were predictable and started going for more shock value with kills than trying to actually scare you.(produced some hilarious gems)
I just hope we get some good stuff soon, hopefully stuff that manages to scare me.


I bet I can’t math worse than you.



Love how bad this is.


I remember watching it in the back of my dad’s old store when I was a kid. Scared the crap out of me! Watched it when I was older and I couldn’t stop laughing.


Kind of want to know what’s up with the incest stuff… Stephen King. You a weird dude.


yes he is. Wrote some incredible stuff, wrote some hilariously bad stuff. Guy has variety.


That he sure does. Ain’t as bad as The Langoliers. If that’s how you spell it. I don’t remember.


also watched this as a kid. weird ass movie. Those weird triple clams with drill teeth looked like a dumpstered mario enemy or something.


I loved those! Used to draw them all the time.


They’re like piranha plants contracted the T-virus wtf.



The Langoliers?