Say Something Random 5.5



Transferring the Striped Knee Tarantula from its carrier to the housing. Sorry for quality…Nick (my son) shot it with his potato tablet - it’s his spider. Was not prepared for the speed of this thing.


You shouldn’t worry too much with spiders, they’re more afraid of humans than we are of them, you can even have them on the hand without the risk of being bitten (if you don’t do agitated movements of course).




I dont have a problem when i see a spider, it’s when i dont see one… Thats when my problem begins.


My bf’s neighbors are playing loud music so he started playing knee deep in the doot through his amp…

For reference:


Everyone, EVERYONE…

ElectronicTalkingClueFX is great.

That is all.



Sure! Well… “had”, or have read? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway yeah love that book :smile:


Shhhh! lol… I read some of it, here and there… never completed it… busted x.x


Nah, man, in my school there’s no decent central heating and we have to wear uniform that is still as hell and offers no thermal protection.

Any time where a day at 10+ degrees C added to the school year in exchange for the removal of a -5 degrees C day is a win in my book.


Man, my friend promised he would give me his awesome illustrated copy of the silmarillion, haven’t heard from him in years. Much regret.



Math kills me inside.


Me too. I can’t math.


Get a load of this.

Let ABCDEFGH be a cube of side length 5, as shown. Let P and Q be points on ABand AE, respectively, such that AP = 2 and AQ = 1. The plane through C, P, and Q intersects DH} at R. Find DR.

Click on the picture, btw.


Y’all celebrating the season or what?
Watchin any spoopy movies yet?


how did you not know that spiders molted their skin? It’s one of the most commonly known things about them.


Yus. Though I’m taking a break tomorrow for some Doctor Who goodness.

The Halloween movies should start marathoning soon-ish. Friday the 13th already has started, and it’s always fun watching the old practical effects.


Just finally saw a quiet place.

Holy fuck.

Have also finally seen Hellraiser (not that great).
The VVitch was awesome
Tucker and Dale and Slither are still great.
Doom was terrible.



I was kind of disappointed. Had some spoopy parts, but I feel like the solution was easy.

There was like…2 scenes with the witch in it. Felt like it tried to be subtly scary, but failed to do so entirely.