Say Something Random 5.5


I’m sure that the only thing on the kids mind is ‘no school, whoehoe! Cartoons all day!’


Tunnel snakes rule!


Fridays drain so much energy. Everyday after school I need to do shit, but I jut sleep.


Then then slowly realize that with most schools any non-scheduled breaks are added on and take time out of your summer! That’s why I have a love hate relationship with snow days.



This is what I call skill. Being in the top 1% of two events is not at everyone’s range.


Opposite for me today. Aurora filed for the NYSE and I am freaking pumped today for it.


Who here would like to see a sequel to World War Z? If yes, would you want Brad Pitt in it again?


I’d prefer an HBO mini-series based off the book. I wouldn’t mind a separate movie not called World War Z with brad pitt.



Spooked ya.



October 6. Frodo Baggins was ill every October 6, subsequent to his wounding on Weathertop by the chief of the Nazgul on that date.






The fuck did I just watch? Since when could spiders shed their skin? THE FUCK DID I WATCH


What a gross eye hurting menu though. what game is that?


It’s from Asphalt 9.


we got ourselves a real Stephen Colbert on the subject do we? ^.^

Does it count if I had the Simarillion? any points?