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I did 4 years of court mandated anger management. If you ever need to talk I’m basically an anger management counselor.


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Drama in England:
4 Primary Schools were closed due to discovery of Noble False Widow spiders roaming about.

Animal enthusiasts are complaining, saying children are already detached from nature as it is, and that siding wihh fear over fact and closing the school over ultimately harmless, and reasonably normal spiders is unhealthy for them.


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Yeah he is. I’m happy someone pointed it out. I could never quite identify his younger age…


i can only give you 100 points… any other comment would be lax by comparison.


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Does seem pretty dumb. We had scorpions in our school. Literally every where.


Yeah, and these spiders’ bite, while venomous, is about equivalent to being stung by a bee. Plenty of bees and wasps around in spring. Never heard of a school being closed for it.

These spiders are also a lot more docile than wasps.

So, regardless on the psychological image of spiders that’s being formed, it seems a bit extreme to close a school for the critters.