Say Something Random 5.5


Hi…if you want, althrough I find it unnecessary in the forum.


The S class king has been released in its own time limited event!

The car can be tried for free until the event ends.



Hey man, in SSR thread you can say almost aaaanything you want as long as it abides by the rules.


sigh Whatever.



What? What do you mean whatever? I’m literally just saying.


Just forget what I had said…it has no importance.




Anyway, I leave your thoughts on that chat I had with someone.

TMTR: image removed


I think it’s kinda rude to call someone from these forums out and that you should keep negative opinions to yourself if I’m honest. We don’t need drama.


I rather have to talk about it than to keep being like this on this chat.
After I had wrote all that, I took a bit of reflexion and I thought “Uh…I sound like a duche, am I?”


Listen, if you have problems with something on the forums you send a PM to the mods and they deal with it to the best of their abilities. Again, talk about it elsewhere if you really must but don’t stir things up on the forums.


Let’s put that away a bit…
I talk about my behavior, not about someone. I don’t like the way I behave sometimes, that’s what I meant


There’s absolutely no need for callouts.


Again, that’s not the subject.
How do you think I should improve myself and not get carried away by my anger? I started to dislike that guy from Discord (as you might have seen) because of his behavior, it angers me when I am serious to someone and this someone talk like if he’s having fun with my speeches.


How steady is your video game mouse hand? Post your score.

*if you have done this exercise just ignore. When you are done look at the blurred photo.



Counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy can help. It helped me. Anger management is also an option if you wanted to go that far.


Usually, when I’m angry, I’m rather silent when I talk and I give a threatening look. I never yell (except at my dog when she destroy stuff so she can understand) but I can have deep feelings of hate without even being violent…and I’m not naturally violent either.


Honestly I don’t know then. Again, counselling or CBT, but it isnt really my place to say.

In other news, I’ve had no sleep or food for 2 days and I am currently-