Say Something Random 5.5


Anybody else ever ate a hotdog bun (delightfully chewy whole wheat) filled with sweet pickles in the shower before?

Just did. Was nice. Would do again. Solid decision.


Like…a shower with falling water or a bath?


I was standing in the bathtub. No water was running.

Best decision I made all day.


At least there’s good people on Overwatch, not like some I met who kept insulting anyone, even calling other heroes “aids”.


Hologrpahic Universe CIA report


I bought Pokemon Ultra Moon

Someone help, I’m going deeper and deeper into the rabbithole :joy:



It’s not that bad. The games actually pretty good. Then again that’s my opinion everyone has their own.


A spider crawled onto my desk today.

I let it outside.

That about summarises the level of excitement in my life the past 4 weeks. How’s everyone else been doing?


Booo. Boo i say. Booooo



You fuggin redy for helloween folks?


I’ve been lurking a bit on Steam when an update for Fallout 4 arrived, I download it anc check the blog. I scroll down and see a future community mod…Fallout Miami.

For a community mod, it looks dope and lore friendly. I can’t wait to see what the mod team has to show.



I’m not sure if you’d be interested in this, but the mod team for Fallout 4 New Vegas just released an awesome clip of what they’ve done already, check it out if you like.


Yeah, I’ve seen it as well along Fallout Miami. Did you know that there was another team who was working on a Fallout 4 version of Fallout 3 as well? The problem is that they were working on it because Bethesda canceled their development due to the fact that they had used the same dialogues from Fallout 3 for their mod remaster.
It’s sad, it could have been an awesome mod, there was even a video gameplay were the Lone Wanderer was fighting super mutants along the BoS to recover Galaxy News Radio.


Yup, same problem that happened with FONV, but they decided to do all new voice work. I’m fortunate in that I don’t really care about Fallout 3, but it’s still a real shame. I’d be bummed as heck if FO4NV collapsed.


I personally have never seen any gameplay from Fallout NV but I already love the voice acting of the therapist in the video. His accent is what I love the most. Plus, the animations seems polished and smooth (except the clipping when the therapist get the coursier up).

Edit: this is what Fallout 3 would have looked like in Fallout 4


Another epic race on the list.


Hi everyone.