Say Something Random 5.5



What the fu… How can they be so stupid? I would slap the shit out of said room mate and then find a new one.


@SledgePainter nice profile pic :ok_hand:


I think there is a prince in Nigeria with their roommates number on it.


Daaaaannnnng I had to get that out.

Halloween is after all part of the 3 basic food groups.


“In the end you have to become some kind of nutrient rich, many boughed tree of splendid crookedness to the ones coming. If you achieve nothing else,
create some shade for the seedlings to grow. Practice becoming an ancestor. Outrageous and maintained generosity, a curious degree of useful wiliness,
and worker’s hands are all identifying characteristics.
Identity comes not from what you claim is your innermost self but from the myriad ways you reach out and touch the world. They are your tribal marks, your pirate banner,
your relatedness; that is what will have you claimed at the gates of heaven as a proper human being, not the hundred times you put your own whims first.”

  • Martin Shaw, from his insanely poignant book Scatterlings: Getting Claimed In An Age of Amnesia


3rd night after surgery. Let’s hope I can get some sleep. Haven’t got more than an hour since I got home. The sleep deprivation is getting hard on me.


I hope you can sleep well, maybe this will make you smile before you do.



I miss cracked.


Back to 90’s Forums boards… remember when everything was…


I miss 90s dialup BBs’s. Before Internet was wide spread… 4 player doom on dialup… man classic!


I sometimes miss the dial up noise.


There you go… shhhh sh shhhh… it’s ok… its ok… everything’s fine…


a good example of archeoplantography?



Today is National Coffee Day and ya girl gets to stay home all day. Today is gonna be a great day lol

(and yes, I do have a stroopwaffle sitting onto of my coffee getting all warm and melty feelsgoodman)


mmmm coffee… the life essence…


If I can try, I’ll do something that looks like this:

Just wait a bit, you’re gonna like it when I’ll be done, but remember that I’m sluggish so don’t expect it to come tomorrow.


Even if I greatly improved my timer, it still wasn’t enough to get bellow the top 5%…