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The movie poster for Godzilla: Star Eater or Godzilla: Planet Eater (even though Star Eater is more badass), the last entry in the anime Godzilla trilogy. While the series is easily the black sheep of the Renaissance era, it had some great concepts. I just wish they were pulled off a little more effectively. I thought Planet of the Monsters was pretty average and my opinion of City on the Edge of Battle wilted the more I realized it was more or less the exact same as the prior movie which is a trope I somewhat resent. Still, CotEoB had it’s moments and ideas. I hope Star Eater will be good. Ghidorah looks extremely unique here, I hope there will actually be a monster fight.

Also, likewise, since this is the largest Godzilla incarnation ever, this is gonna be the largest Ghidorah incarnation ever as well. Rumors are that Ghidorah takes on a Galactus role and literally devours whole planets. Very interesting.


IMO, you have to measure players in terms of numerous skills, such as building, kills, smart rotations, etc, but there is no way that the game can measure how well you build or how smart your movement is.

Also, there are so many rng factors coming into play in each match which makes it really hard to accurately predict who is good and who is not good.


I’ll wait til someone cuts the 5 minutes of godzilla scenes together and watch that. Those movies are dull as hell. :pensive:


Yeah. It’s better for a movie to be laughably bad than boring. I get they wanted to show that the group was trying to think about their strategy but it really felt like nothing happened while they prepared. At least his theme is kind of nice.


TFW you’re finally downloading the game you’ve been waiting for and it tells you it estimates it’ll be done in five hours ;-;


Because nothing did happen. :wink:


My buddy and I, when we first watched Planet of the Monsters, noticed how Godzilla wasn’t actually walking when he appeared on screen. They just told us he was moving instead of showing us he was moving. Very poor direction.


100% Agree!


Here are the test drives of both the Dodge Viper GTS and the Ferrari FXX K for those who want to know how they behave before getting them.


Soooo SquareEnix is basically bringing the entire FF series Sans 8 and 11 to the Nintendo switch. But when the music played and showed Rosa. I choked up a lil


Good lord…Ghidorah is enormous in this. All those strands, coming from the black holes in the sky, those are his necks. Or maybe his whole body? I wonder if the heads are merely an avatar of anime Ghidorah. We may see dozens, hundreds or thousands of Ghidorah heads if this is the case.


Visually its cool but doesn’t make a lick of sense.


A good description of the series as a whole. Though I appreciate the unique take on the monsters


I’ll agree with you there.


You think you know pain?
Laughs in 30 hour download of Tekken 7


Remember as a kid with dialup, downloading stuff illegally on Limewire? Waiting over a day to download an album.


It took me a whole weekend to download OG Evolve when I first got it on PC. Similar time downloading Diablo 3.

My internet sucks now. But it used to be way slower than dialup, and waaaay less stable.


Hi guys. I got home recently from seeing Shane Black’s The Predator. My thoughts on this are a little extensive, because much like Godzilla and Alien, I have followed this franchise for a very long time. I went in with pretty low expectations, admittedly, because of a lot of rumors and uproar about it from people who had seen early screenings. Pinging @SledgePainter since she was interested in my thoughts on this film.

Overall, Shane Black’s The Predator was…a bit of a letdown. When it was great, it was some of the best the series has been yet. When it was bad…it was bad.

Spoiler talk below

First, I’ll be positive.

  • The monster action in terms of the Predators themselves was pretty great. We get to see a lot of cool kills, use of old gear and old gear with new twists, like tomahawk and flying guillotine wristblades. The plasma casters were pretty consistent as far as power goes, and the Predators themselves didn’t look too bad. Definitely had me on the edge of my seat in several different sequences.

  • When the comedy lands, it lands pretty well. There is one scene where the Fugitive (“normal”) Predator shreds a ton of dudes in the back of a personnel carrier truck. The driver can’t see in the back and has ear muffs or something obscuring his ears, so he asks if everything’s alright back there, and the Predator takes a lopped off arm and sticks it through with a “thumbs up,” which got a good laugh out of me.

  • The human antagonist’s actor was really good. He pulled off a very good dynamic between “Samuel L. Jackson” and a “takes no shit government villain.”

  • The way they explained the Predators adding their preys’ DNA to themselves was satisfactory; they would take DNA from the spine and skulls of their trophies, and that this has been done for a considerable amount of time, so that this wasn’t something the Predators suddenly started to do, which in an earlier post I felt was out of character.

  • The soundtrack was great. Very much like the original Predator and didn’t try to be anything out of place.

As for everything else…

  • The comedy is way too rapid fire and when it doesn’t land, it comes off as childish and stupid. This is a Predator movie, not a Marvel movie.

  • Speaking of the comedy, representation of folks with mental diseases is pretty shit, too. Most of their mental disorders are played off almost entirely for laughs and never as more serious problem. None of the adults’ mental disorders ever come up as some sort of obstacle, though all of two of them do develop to be more than just “This is a guy with a mental disorder, isn’t that funny?”

  • There is a lot of plot convenience in this. The Predator dogs have them all cornered and have bulletproof skin but then suddenly do nothing. One literally eats a grenade then blows up, and the other gets shot in the head so much that it becomes mentally disabled and is then friendly with the humans.

  • The Fugitive gets very few action sequences before being killed off by the Ultimate Predator. The Ultimate Predator kills a few dudes here and there but is largely absent until the final act of the film.

  • They defeat the Predator by simply outmuscling it. In a franchise that has always traditionally relied on outsmarting the Predator, the way they defeat this new bigger, badder, much, much deadlier Predator is that they “shot it real good.” What a fucking joke.

  • Callbacks to lines from the original movie were cringey, not nostalgic.

  • Big issue #1. The stupid fucking little kid with aspergers. In complete parallel to how the adults’ mental disorders are played off almost solely for comedic effect, the whole movie pounds in the idea that being on the autistic spectrum means you are a part of the next step in human evolution, and because Little Timmy (who is a complete asshole, mind you) has aspergers, he can decipher alien languages in a few minutes, knows how to unlock a password protected lock on a ship he had never seen before, has perfect memory and is superior to understanding the aliens than the people who had been studying them, who are leading experts in their field. Absolutely unbelievable. This is why I was wary when I saw a stupid little kid being integral to the plot of the film. It doesn’t help that, as mentioned before, he is a complete shithead. They try to play him off as a wise-cracking “adult in a kid’s body” and it doesn’t work at all. I wanted to punch him. Autism doesn’t necessarily make you a supergenius. Many autistic people deal with real and debilitating issues. It’s not a superpower.

  • Big issue #2. The stupid fucking ending. The “Predator Killer” as Big Issue #1 puts it is the absolute worst thing I that has ever been in any Predator film. Yes, including Aliens vs Predator: Requiem . Predator is a franchise about man dealing with a threat more physically and technologically powerful than themselves, and using their brains to get the better of it and survive. So now, after the stupid ending where they simply shoot the new Predator real good, they make a FUCKING IRON MAN PREDATOR SUIT. Yes, you read that right. A Predator cyborg suit with metal dreadlocks, armed to the teeth with a million different plasma casters, red, luminescent eyes that forms itself almost just like the Iron Man suit with the face mask coming down at the end. This film was trying hard enough as it was to be Marvel with the constant quips, and then it pulls this spectacularly shitty fucking pile of diarrhea raccoon garbage. Now everyone can be a superhero, now everyone can super-duper-shoot the Predators with 0 respect for what the monster was meant to be. Now everyone can be a Predator and join the FUCKING AVENGERS, and of course, it sets up a fucking sequel. It’s the one thing in this film that made me genuinely angry. Fuck you, Shane Black.

But, overall, still a 4/10. Because when it works, it does work oh, so well. It could have been the greatest Predator movie since the original. But it just…let me down. I went in with low expectations, and it still managed to hit just a little bit under those.


Quality review :+1:

didnt even see the movie


Usually players who don’t know how to build will lose versus a player who knows more how to build.

I agree that it would be more worthwhile to take those factors into account, but that it is hard to do so.

Epic just now announced in their Fall Skirmish announcement that a Showdown Royale mode is coming which introduces a tournament style play: