Say Something Random 5.5


I feel like that the new flying mechanic makes the whole fights so much faster.

If anything, you won’t spend as much time running if the circle happens to be on the other side of the map.

Plus, it’s easy to spot ramps from the air so you can easily land it, fly again and land on the next one.



There goes a new car to the garage.


I’m ready for an adventure.


Not on 35% battery you aren’t.


I hope that adventure doesn’t involve going out into the forest or something cause you’re battery is really low


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I charged my phone no worry.



Except it really isn’t ranked as in equal opponents fighting each other. It is just a way for the top players to continue to show off their skills.

It’s not like anyone else in like the 99% majority get anything from the game mode anyway.

They need to have some basic matchmaking system that accounts for how skilled you are or else games are just gonna be lopsided hellholes for people who aren’t as good.


They’re looking into bringing a ranked ladder system I believe where you would only be put in matches with people of your skill level.

Off course this is only talk, and I see it myself how hard it is for me to win matches. Usually I get my ass kicked by someone who builds way faster or is so comfortable in what he does that he finds a sneaky way to catch me off guard.

It sucks, but at the same thing I can feel relieved in that someone like that beat me whilst knowing I can become just as good.

Playground has also helped a lot. It’s there for people to practice. There are videos from pro players as well that can help a lot (SypherPK for example, he does a lot of educational commentaries).


Or don’t, that’s an option too!



All that’s needed to be said has been said on that front. Let’s move on.


TBH that sounds extremely unrealistic. There is no way to balance a game like this and make matchmaking fair in the slightest.


Check out FortniteTracker. They give a TRN rating based on a couple of factors. Based on that, I actually wouldn’t be surprised it would be possible to make something happen.


Here comes another new beast! Guess what it is.


Fortnite tracker just measures how you place, not your actual skill. You could be trolling in a game and get placed 75 but still be good, or bush camp and get to 2nd place but be trash, and you would still get a good score on that website.


Nope, if placement was valued highly my TRN rating would be much higher (it’s below 1500)

Read this:

It’s based on both placement and kills, but more importantly kills I think. Which makes sense because if you look at Fortnite tournament play, pro players knew that the better way to get points was to go for the kill requirement rather than trying to win the game.

Regardless, Pro players all have high TRN rating which shows that a rating system can work.

Pro players also said that they would rather have a ranking so they can match up with players closer to their skill level for practice.


Yeah this might work out for pro players, but I would say 97% of the playerbase are not pro, just bad-decent. It is very hard to make something that will even work close to well for so many players with skill levels ranging from such a degree.


I think Kills are more important there, I’ve seen people with a kill death ratio of 0.3

I’m sure lumping those people together would allow for them to get a more satisfying chance at winning, while allowing them to grow at their own pace.

It might not be easy to accomplish, but I definetely think it is possible.