Say Something Random 5.5


Yeah. I am in a weird trance where it’s so horrible that it makes me cringe, but I can’t look away. I have to see the depths of depravity humanity can go to.



What game is this?


Homefront: The Revolution

That took a bit of Image Searching to do



Yes I am a grown man, no that does not mean I won’t jam the fuck out and sing Big Girls don’t cry verbatim.




And that’s only if you’re like one of the last persons alive. Usually I do try and get some kills in the early game. So if I die there, easy out and within a minute or two I’m back in another match.

Yeah I hate when people spam with explosives, although I think rocket launchers are fine because you can still outbuild it.

Worst thing I find is grenade launchers and C4. Always screws me up.

Exactly! Did that happen in 50v50? (if anything that’s one of the reasons I enjoy doing 50v50, gives me some weapon practice, I can finish challenges in peace and funny stuff like that)

Oh I bought it, got a lot of vbucks out of it and I do enjoy the gamemode.


It’s a good song bruv.




But not as good as this one UwU

My music taste>Yours






Oh mamma I’m unlocking my inner potential



Thank god they changed the rarity…although I find it dumb that Grenades are Grey and Clingers are Green yet they deal 100 DP and C4 is purple and deals 70 DP…you still get 3 of each item so what the hell gives?

Duos actually, although I’m not a fan of Solo 50v50ing I did really enjoy Soaring 50s


50v50 is only good for the memes. Everyone acts like a dick on that mode. They just see you dying and wait till you die to pick up any good loot you have.

Also, sometimes people will just be complete trolls. Once had teammates who were fake rezzing me, but then impulse grenaded me off a cliff and killed me.

I kinda got tired of Fortnite after a while. I just couldn’t figure out building even after hours and hours of trying, and overall it wasn’t a very good experience for me. I also disliked how rng things could sometimes be. For example, PUMP SHOTGUNS. The damage output on that thing was so wonky that it was a pain to die knowing that you shoulda done over 100 damage but instead the game said you did less than 50.

In general, the matchmaking was just horrible IMO. For starters, there was just no way to match make people. They didn’t have a ranked skill ladder or anything that most multiplayer games had and the only ever ranked mode wasn’t really a real ranked mode, but just a way for the best players to get more loot and more fame.


A thousand times this.



This couldn’t be more true, the sweats are what really piss me off, had an Omega just sit there and use a chug jug and I dumbly thought “He’ll heal me after he drinks it”. He didn’t, he went off into battle and died and I chose to leave the game at that point

Oh it’s hard, I do know that. Out of my 3 friends (I’ll refer to them as A, B, and C) A likes to use Snipers but he sits there out in the open waiting for an opportunity as his opponent builds a fortress and kills him and then yells “What the fuck”. Although he is beginning to learn through his mistakes

B likes what I call the “Wraith” tactic or “hit and run” and when he runs and you find him, he’s build a labyrinth. But that’s mostly in Playground, in multiplayer, he spam builds

C plays like me but he doesn’t really like the game so he plays only if we do playground so he’s at a trash state

They had a gamemode related to being a ranked mode, you could earn V-Bucks for placing a specific amount after playing 50 games…I forgot what the mode was called