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Does anyone just want Fortnite to die soon?

I think games like this have left their mark, but they weren’t meant to last.

IMO, they aren’t meant to be the next generation of gaming, which is why I feel Fortnite needs to die already.

Like I guess I’m trying to say “the fun was over, so now we need to stop”.

Of course all the Fortnite fanboys are gonna hate me for saying this.


I mean, just because you don’t like a game or a genre doesn’t mean that it should just stop. People enjoy them, so companies make them.

I personally dislike forced multiplayer games that have no content to be done solo, yet those continue to thrive despite my distaste.

(For the record, in case it wasn’t clear, I do also dislike PUBG and Fortnite. Same as I dislike Overwatch and Destiny.)




And that’s my point exactly. I don’t like those games. I don’t think they’re fun. But you do. Just like others enjoy the battle royale games. Not anyone else’s place to say what others should and shouldn’t play/enjoy.


I can see the logic in that.

I guess what I’m saying that Fortnite has lost the spark it once had. I don’t feel that the game can continue to draw in as many players as it used to. Sooner or later, the next big Battle Royale with even better building and a bigger fun factor is gonna be released, and Fortnite is just gonna go down the drain.

IMO, a game like destiny has really created memories for people, but you can’t really say that for Fortnite.

Sure you can say “hey remember that time we completely trolled and won by jumping off a sky bridge and one pumping someone in the head?”, but that isn’t as unqiue as completing a raid for the first time or finally getting a god roll gun.


Well that’s also exactly as you said- it is your opinion. Getting a “god roll” does not really sound that fascinating to me (and I play Diablo 3+Borderlands 2, so rare loot rolls are a fairly large part of my experience there). And raids are just gear checks with a little experience in the game. Those are also things you can be carried through in most games.

The games you play aren’t any more or less special than any of the games anyone else plays. Stories and memories aren’t exclusive to things just you like.


I hate MOBAs but I don’t want them to disappear

I wished they were less popular when they made up like half of all hosted games on WC3 but I didn’t want them gone


I thought I’d be the same, but I actually really got in to Overwatch and Siege.

Skyrim still the best game




I play Fortnite almost exclusively now. What I like about it more than any other Battley Royale game is:

  1. Fast paced
  2. There’s skill involved
  3. Can be humorous at times
  4. The PvE version is pretty fun as well

I don’t see it dying any time soon. Plus, they also have other fun LTM modes like 50v50, Getaway, etc

It’s also fun to watch.


If I’m being honest, it’s been sucking up my time 100%. I barely even play Brawlhalla anymore and if I do, it’s with friends.

Epic has a shit taste in balancing multiplayer games and an even worse ear for listening to their communities

Paragon died because they changed the game too much from its original style and being wanted it to return but Epic said “Fuck you” and now their servers are shut down because Fortnite gave them more money

At least they finally did something right by removing the Drum Gun


I know right, less of a spam meta and the silenced assault rifle looks and sounds pretty cool.


I do agree, a match is usually 20m or less or slightly more by a minue

I assume you mean the Building and needing to aim part of the game rather than the beaches who sit in corners with any SMG and aim straight at your head or the dicks with rocket launchers

Like that moment that I got downed by an enemy and two more people busted through the front door in a shopping cart and the passenger mowed down everyone in sight with a minigun :joy:

A pretty legit dataminer had said that it might becoming free soon, and people are linking the “Storm” as what is inside the Cube

The Silenced Scar just has a reskin and a suppressor but I definitely can’t lie about the sound. I would love it if they’d make new sounds for the Scar similar to that haha


I’ve seen a lot of things during my time on reddit, but I think this takes the cake for “weirdest thing I may ever read.”


I mean, not weird an sich, but most memorable for me:


Wow, that was rough.


Struck the gold mine. Time for some good reads.


saves for later


I thought some of them would be funny stories but it seems they’re all gross lol.