Say Something Random 5.5



Hey! Haven’t heard from ya for a while!

Yeah, I know, the skin’s great! Both animation and quotes!

%100 getting it @w@

Nah, I also find Jinx’s Odyssey skin pretty cute. Also a bit dangerous, ya know, for obvious reasons.

Listen to this, too!

25:44 LMAO :joy:


Did jynx always have a robot arm?


I feel all life should be loved. That’s why I really want a huge garden as well as bug farms and stuff. The only way you’ll even get me close to a bug is if it’s behind glass but I still think they’re cute even if I have a fear of them murdering me in my sleep.

Except for moths, I fucking hated and feared moths ever since I was bitten by one as a kid.


I’m not afraid of bugs, but I absolutely hate Woodlice. But even then, I still put them outside instead of killing them. Very unpopular opinion, but I don’t hold one form of sentient life form as any more valuable than another, no matter how small, insignificant, obstructive or even dangerous.


Nope, that’s exclusive to the skin only.


Nah I wouldn’t kill a moth, I’d probably run from it lol



Don’t wanna jinx it, but I’m slowly climbing with Braum and only Braum.
Next stop Silver 2, hopefully


He’s just misunderstood


Yeah ya know, he just spilled his OJ… His very hot OJ.



Hi everyone.



I’m a chicken moo.


I also have my word to say:




Exactly what I meant


lmao I wanna go do that now… anyone wanna go skiing with me?