Say Something Random 5.5


You’re wonderful you pickle you.
It’s so crazy to think how many people are on our little rock. And I get to talk with all of you. Each and every one of you is a blessing and I love you, stay beautiful and good night Las Vegas


It’s still kinda sad though. When I first joined, there would be hundreds of posts in SSR per day. Now, the regulars post like once or twice every couple days. It is quite depressing imo.


That’s neat


I still have memories of a fargone age when there was a single PM that caused massive server lag with how active it was UwU
Now I only have 4 of those friends around all the time, but you cherish who you keep, and remember who you don’t.

Ur neat 29404001_455658744871918_3325735731552321536_n


I guess good things don’t always last.


I member dat Sam shut us down


Not always, no, but the memories do. Not to say you can’t always keep a small part of things rolling. I’ve still got my BF and my Sister from another Mister, so overall I’ve kept the most important things.

Same lmao, absolutely destroyed.


That is pretty nice. Kinda makes me feel less sad now. Thanks fam.


Yep. The most important thing I’ve found is to just always be branching out. I have my roots, but why stop there? I make an effort to talk to one new person per day, often times it leads nowhere, sometimes I meet someone new and interesting, other times I make a new friend. Just keep going y’know.


That is a pretty cool thing to do bro.



And with that I take my leave.


Bybye. :wave:


Evolve: Stage 2 in a nutshell.


I will extend an E-hug your way.



I am happy that you’re happy.


Kaaaaaaynnnn !!! @w@
@Delphox I’m so happy! We’re getting a legendary as our first skin! >w<

Also, I find jinx quite cute watching this. Is that weird? o.o

I ain’t much for base Kayn’s hair but I can get behind it after the transformation :>



Cool bro. :+1:


I can’t be the only person who feels sad when someone squishes a bug, right? I mean, if it’s dangerous, then I could understand, because that’s called survival, but when someone just crushes a bug because… Idk, they don’t like looking at it or “it’s just a bug” it bothers me.