Say Something Random 5.5


I think there was a Xbox live gold deal for for honor. It was tempting.


That’s insane bro!


I believe it’s free at the moment with the Xbox games with gold thing. If you haven’t got it yet I’d definitely recommend it.


Man, I wish I could meet at least one of the people who worked for Evolve.
Whoever it is, I don’t care, I want to see one of them in person!

And wait what? Is that an albino Pop Goliath I see?



I’m so jealous!!! But I’m happy for you too! What an amazing experience…

Wish I could meet the voice actors. The Comic-Con in Australia sucks…


How so? Does no one go?


Yes, it is the newest custom I ordered a while back. Here he is next to all my other evolve stuff.


That is so cool. I have a cayde pop figure:

Excuse my horrendously messy desk.


Hmm. It’s hard to break down why it isn’t as good…

I mean last time I went, I managed to purchase some Rooster Teeth merch, and that was nice, but there was really nothing else there that interested me or was worth my money. Also, the cosplay isn’t nearly as good as I see in other places.

There just seems to be so much more overseas. So many voice actors, cosplayers, booths, indie games, etc… I get that the budget might not be amazing over here, but it just isn’t worth $60. If there were voice actors there or games I could try out I wanted to, I would have more reason to go. As my mum put it, “you pay to go and pay for more stuff”. I think if I went to one overseas, it would be more worth it.

Granted, I guess maybe that year was a little slow for video games. But first impressions are everything.


I’ve never been to a comic con. Or any convention for that matter. One thing I want to see is probably guardian con though.



I want them! I want them! I want them!


That is an insane collection! All I have are some posters and a Spider-Man glowy… thing.

I would say you should go at least once in your life. Look out for people you want to meet, or what games will be there… or merch. For example, I always see some cool Destiny merch, that I know you’d like at least where I am.

Overwatch and Fortnite are still currently dominating every con, though…


Please tell me they had a model gjallarhorn or model golden gun or something. What you prolly don’t know what that is…nvm

Both of which are dying imo.


Believe me in Australia they are not dead. I went to an anime con with my friend and there was still Overwatch EVERYWHERE.

Ah no I don’t know what those are :laughing:. They had stuff like shirts, posters, the marshmellow from Destiny 2, and teeny Ghost models.




I’m not kidding! I would show you a picture that I took while there but I broke my phone like two weeks ago.

What was funny, when there was Fortnite merch everywhere, all you could hear were people complaining about how much there was. I’m sure that the Fortnite fans were happy though. The eight year olds were all smiles. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sometimes after it rains I like to go outside and sit in a puddle and just think about all the good things in the world, and how much I love them. I love everything, I’m in such a good mood right now holy fuck. Why can’t I just collect every human bean in the world and just give them each a hug.


Gosh shivers inside.


I got you fam