Say Something Random 5.5


I think you’s might wanna take a step back and chill but hey yknow I’m just a Leader and all that jazz.


I did step back. If he wants to believe in the boogeyman sjw playing puppet master and controlling everything from tumblr who am I to tell him differently.

He might also want to watch out for the water I hear it turns the frogs gay.


If ya’ll plan on continuing this conversation

It never ends well. I’d suggest changing the subject altogether


This is my internet download/upload speed. Who else here can do better?

Why doesn’t it allow me to counter the bad internet of hosts…


Me. :slight_smile:


#FaceYourFears. My daughter Haylie playing the door #KillerView

She’s lost her balance ^.^


Hm…that is why I fear VR. I’m the type of person who would literally walk into a wall while playing.


You…uuh, ok. I understood nothing.


You asked who could do better and I said I could.


Huhuh? Any proof?


I don’t need proof.


Then you lie. End of the conversation.


But how can you assume? If I haven’t given evidence, you can’t simply assume that my download and upload speeds are worse.



If you live in the US, it CAN be assumed to be worse. Because no companies offer that speed :stuck_out_tongue:


hush little one


For some reason I hate playing video games right before a class or something.


I hate you.


I can’t do better, but I’m sure I can do the worst…

EDIT: After looking at some others, I retract my statement. Feel bad now.


if i showed you guys mine ud cry…


I showed you mine. You gotta at least let me peak at yours.