Say Something Random 5.5


A mixture between Kain and Raziel


Crunchers* my bad


The more I look at it it does look a demon. It’s from a series called garo, it’s pretty interesting. That armor is from the first anime, it’s basically mature mid evil power rangers.



Yes. Everyone has. And PS4 and Xbox don’t work either


You can type “Brown man” or “Asian man” just not “White man”


Not feeling very good today, just wanted to let you guys know I’m happy for all the good times we’ve shared over the years, and this place was always like a second home/family to me. Just wanted you to know.


What’s up?


It’s also censoring cpu names and titanfall and a bunch of other things. So just like chill


Don’t worry about it, I just had to say what I had to say.


such a great series


We Love you Sledge!


I’ve never heard of those either! So they aren’t very good? Reese’s are my favorite candy ever.


Eh they’re clumpy tiny reese’s. I’m not really a fan of reese’s but I was hoping for more crunch. I probably shouldn’t have expected any different but they tasted like reese’s which isn’t exactly bad but more meh for me and when I saw em I thought they might be able to replace clodhoppers after they got discontinued awhile back.



What is wrong with that lol.


Yeah no shit. I’m saying that it’s probably a bug so calm yo shit. R6S has a profanity filter too.


Says the guy that’s losing his shit


We all know why you posted that and I’m tired of people whining about the “evil SJWs” infiltrating and ruining everything.

It already happened with R6S. People bitching and moaning that they can’t use racial slurs and it’s all the evil SJW’s fault. This is obviously a bug with their filter cause like I said Titanfall and intel CPUs are filtered.


It’s true though