Say Something Random 5.5


ps4 xbox and pc. u cantplay evolve at all? no custom,s or anything?


do u want pics? not trying to be rude


if evolve is gone forever than at least tell us please


No no no. Ok. You can still play Evolve, of course, either solo or with your friends/randoms. Stage 2’s servers are gone forever but Legacy will almost certainly continue to work via peer-to-peer.


no u cant play at all? thats the whole reason im here
can u fix this please, us evolve lovers want to play still. please!


ive tried on ps4 pc and xbox and everything is down@! halp!


So what you’re saying is that Evolve is not working for you?

Ok you’re right. I can’t connect to servers either.

My sister is trying now. EDIT: Ok she can’t connect either. :laughing:

@Andrew_Catete Apparently this happened last night as well, so maybe just faulty servers…


so were gonna fix this on all servers? plz
i plkay in all and i speak for all! please leave customs open!!!


Well hopefully 2K will solve the issue. We can’t really do much but wait.

Also I agree customs should stay open.


customs was part of the deal?
and is there anyone i can talk to?
thanlsu u


You could try and contact 2K support, like I’ve already done. Turtle Rock Studio members are here but they cannot do anything to fix the issue.


any e mail or anything i can message or text?


You can use Twitter @2KSupport. You can also use this:


No idea why you would say anything about Turtle Rock, since they’ve had absolutely nothing to do with it for 2 years now.


^ Yeah please stop blaming TRS. They love this game as much as anyone here.


Welp… darnit…

So did they shut down the console side of legacy as well?


Ok, I will be the one to do it.

Contact 2k Support.

2k # 1 (866) 219-9839
2k web support
2k twitter support @2ksupport

Trust me, we are all in the same boat. But the information you requested I posted above. I hope this helps.

Here is my latest screen shot atm… Saturday Morn.



That last screen shot @garratose that one looks like the soul reaper, just buff from the legacy of cain series. (is that darksiders? i forgot what game your posting from)


This began last night while I was playing Legacy on PC, was able to run a couple games just fine…everyone in the US then started to be unable to connect, including myself. I was able to squeeze into a lobby on invite, but others were not able to do the same…then it seems to have happened across the board. Servers are still down as far as I can tell. I am looking for more information.

If I find out anything I will post in this thread and over on Steam: