Say Something Random 5.5


Yes it was! Particularly that match, I didn’t realize it went for that long, that’s how fun it was! :grinning:

The walls you kept throwing up were so annoying to get by. If only Hank had stayed back during the relay he might’ve survived.


Which one of you submitted the Wraith for waifu rating to ProZD? :joy:


“No thanks/5” Guess he didn’t see THAT thread.


Man, what a throwback.


No Thanks out of 5??!!


Dude just isn’t a hips man, I guess.


He can’t simply understand that those hips cannot ever fucking lie


So does this look like a wolf to anyone? According to every wiki I have looked at, this armor is supposed to look like a wolf, all I see is a dragon.


Looks like a wolf to me, I see the blue part as the leg


Reese’s clusters?


I don’t see a wolf or dragon. Looks to me like one of those asian tiger/other large felines/mythical creature statues.

Wolves are a kind of dog, and the vast majority of dogs have something that armor lacks - the long snout+jaw. Looks more like a demon tiger or something.

Hell, I could call it a hyena. Since those do have shorter, wider heads. But that’s still a far cry from a wolf.

But if I am being honest, the face is too close to human for me to call it an animal at all. Or even believe it actually drew directly from any animal. Too demon-y and too personified. The game it is from could provide insight as to what it actually is, though.



yall said we could still play legacy? what happend?


i will make sure turtle rock goes down with bad rep if its the last thing i do


Have you opted to Legacy from Steam?


yes, and we cant plaY ON PC, XBOX,OR PS4?


Hang on, what exactly is the issue that you’re having…? Anyone can play Legacy.


we were suppose to be able to play lagacy customs at least but we cant play evolve at all?


plz help? everyone is looking up to me hahahahaa


Okay but you need to tell me the issue you’re having specifically. What do you mean you can’t play Evolve at all? It should be working fine.