Say Something Random 5.5

Because in Colorado. We live in a magical blend of sugar and cupcakes. Life is silly that way. There are actually about 5 of them there. Here are all the snaps I took. I thought I had a video.

I was focused on the buck.


My computer just auto opened bing with workouts as the search result. I feel personally attacked, scared, and relived to know that instead of plotting to kill me my computer just wants me to get healthy.



Whaaaaat are these from?

My Christmas Story. This happen during Christmas Eve 2006 through 2007.

From Christmas past to Christmas future in the year 7 of 2000 this a true story that withstands the test of time.

“You should call your dad and wish him a Merry Christmas” My mom said to me over the phone.

“Ok ok” I replied. “I will call tomorrow night and let him enjoy his day first”

The next morning was as cold as you could want it for Christmas. Snow on the ground and spending the time with kids. It was a fun day for family and all.

The dinner was early and it was over by five at night and then I decided to pick up the phone.

After a decade or more of not talking with him I picked up the phone and dialed.

It was an answering machine. So I left him a message “ Hi dad it’s me and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I’m not sure why we lost contact but I wanted to update you on my life…“.

It was a pleasant message asking to hear to from him again. After a few days have passed and New Year’s Eve is upon us and everything went fine into the new year.

Then I got a message from my fathers wife Ellen. “Your father has been in a coma since Christmas”

And the next few days were silent and my birthday on the 4th had come with no improvement to his condition.

Then 1 day after my birthday on January 5th my father passed away, never waking up. Never hearing my heart felt message, never getting to say goodbye.

2 weeks later I was visited in my dreams. My father appeared as a dark grey billowing cloud with amethyst sparkles of light coming from my closet behind my bed.

He grabbed me and pinned me against the door screaming one thing to me again and Again “Don’t Shoot the Rubber Bullet” Don’t shoot the rubber bullet! JUST SAY IT” and I said fine don’t shoot the rubber bullet and then it was instantly over.

I have never even heard that phrase before so I decided to look it up. It is an old military saying meaning Don’t Hold Back.

But it wasn’t really over. In the middle of February my 3rd child was conceived right after that moment I saw a ghost of on old lady. Wearing period clothing and hair pulled to the perfect bun she was hovering above staring at the uterine area.

She smiled at me and when I went to wake up my spouse I said. “Hey! Hey! (TapTapTap)You have to see this. “ trying to wake them with no avail and right when I broke eye contact with the spirit and looked to my spouse. Poof! It was the in that half second that She vanished from sight.

Now there were just a few more things to come along in the year to come.

It was summer time and I was visiting my sister and I told her about what I saw and she said that sounds like our great great grandma Ana h. Seidel and she showed me a picture.

It was an exact match for the spirit in February and I went to find my mom.

“ Mom” I said “I saw a ghost of a lady”
“I don’t believe in ghost” she quickly dismissed.

As I went on asking if she believed in spirits and saying ghost are just spirits and as I went on into my story of what happened in February mother was so moved by my story she gave me the original picture of my ancestor Ana Harms Seidel.

But the third and final event happened on November 9th… when my son was born.
And what makes this even so more amazing is that he was born on my fathers birthday.

And all of this started just the Christmas before and a loss of my father to a gift of my Son Jack.

I remember this and I will always follow My fathers advice. “Don’t shoot the rubber bullet”

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Gabriel is blowing his trumpet. Can’t you hear it? The day of reckoning is coming, but you all crawl over each other like rats in a sewer. I have fallen to earth from Heaven’s grace. And now you all point and laugh. Can you hear me now, God!? Can you hear my cries!? They have clipped my wings, and I can no longer fly to you! I am chained to this rock; this desolate place, so full of isolation that the voices in my mind are the only ones to bring me comfort.

The day will come. Judgment will be made. You will scream, but they will fall upon deaf ears. Cheese and bread will be the cornerstone of this utopian future. I will cover the world with my passion. Gabriel’s trumpet is sounding now; can you hear it?


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Halo 2: Anniversary


All polar bears are inherently over-curious, so much so, if youre ever getting chased by a polar bear, dropping a piece of clothing will distract them enough to let you get ahead.

And the popular myth, of polar bears covering their nose to remain camouflaged is not only fake, but would look hilariously goofy to see a giant 450lbs bear stumble towards you with one paw over their nose.

there ya go something random


These look really good.

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So to get hot girls naked I just need to chase them in a polar bear outfit?

Yes yes. My plan is coming together.


“And thus did BoomBoom begin his journey into becoming a furry.”


Titanfall 2 is the free game this month on the Playstation 4.

I highly suggest all who can pick it up. It’s an excellent game.


you’ll not only get naked hot girls, but also several tranquiliser bullets.


Isn’t Horse Tranquilliser used as drugs o.O

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Don’t threaten me with a good time.

I mean… It works great to get rid of migraines… Not that I would know anything about that.


Right I forgot.

you’d like to be drugged till passing out.
tbh im not suprised, i’d enjoy passing out for a few days

maybe decades.


dinosaur chicken nuggets are just chopped-up dinosaurs shaped back into dinosaurs