Say Something Random 5.5

When did they make a cartoon and why is it so bad? Lol

That’s some awful voice actin.

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There’s apparently multiple Pratchett TV adaptations.

I know of the movies like hog father and a few others but I never heard of any cartoons.

I suppose everyone did not notice 3 days ago that it was my birthday…
Oh wellI%20don't%20care

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Happy 3rd day after birthday Dovah :>
Is there some kind of after 3 days party?

Also, we can blame Mountain for this huehuehuehue


Naw I think we’ll blame you.


It’s always fun to blame people who aren’t responsible for the mistake!


If I don’t blame him someone might blame me and well then I’d feel bad so I figure it’s better if we all just pick on kai.


Dead Rising 3

Beck’s at it again…

EDIT: Don’t wanna double post, so:

I will piss myself if this is fucking real. This is possibly gonna be a huge moment for shark research, and could help put Megalodon in its place among shark species as well as show how it actually looked.
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~returns to the shadows~


The guy’s name is Franky Zapata.
He even flew during the 14th of July’s parade in France in front of Emmanuel Macroute.
People were stunned when they saw him, and some might remember him since he was also the inventor of the aquatic Flyboard.

Yesterday, he has succeed in travelling the whole sea and has landed in Douvres in Britain.

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Is that from Konosuba anime?

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Yeah it is lol.


Smile damnit.

Some of us were alive when MTV first launched. This was their very first video the played.

Do you remember?


I had fun making this hyper creature.

It is based off the concept of hyper cubes.


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In case anyone liked Joking Hazard…this KS is in the final hours:

Personally, I would love to see the TRS devs playing this one day…
@TheMountainThatRoars: There’s a miniature!

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