Say Something Random 5.5


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When we last saw our heroes…


Man I’m loving hunt showdown atm just had a hot streak and earlier today I took down a cheating 4 stack


I want destiny 2 forsaken to be released right now.



Gah, who else is waiting?


I don’t feel so good today. Been taking the blood thinners the doctors recommended but today I am jittery-feeling, and I have a horrible headache behind my eyes that isn’t going away. I can’t seem to eat, it makes me sick. I don’t want to go back to the ER.

Going to try to sleep this off.


Rest in Pepsi sledge. As a certified doctor I can tell you have super ebolaids. You have 2 weeks to live.


Ehhhh I leave for boot camp in ten days. I’m kind of panicking.


You? I didn’t peg you for military service.

If you can take a Crip beating though, you’ll survive. :wink:


Oh yeah, he’s mentioned going into the military a few times.




I’d drink all the pepsi.


Pepsi better than cola, I agree.


And mountain dew is better than all of it.


I feel better already lmao.

Yeah, I’ve been enlisted since December. I’m excited, but it’s gonna suck being away from everyone. Oh well, I’ll see them again when I’m done.


Mountain Dew is nasty (Baja Blast is excluded). Dr. Pepper is something that should have never existed.

Coke is king. Ginger beer is amazing, as is creme soda.


I agree with you on everything but the Coke part, Pepsi is just better.


Well then, :bucket_salute:


@Rapterror I always wanted to learn this technique and it is doable but I wont be able to attempt this till my back gets better… But this is def. something you should check out.