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Eat a bunch of turkey. Both problems will resolve themselves.


I love the look of the Battlefront 2, really stunning. I like how authentic and beautiful it looks. I enjoyed the space battles.

But I actually don’t enjoy Battlefield gameplay, and the fact that it is very Battlefield esque really kills me. It’s no exaggeration when I say that it has “ruined” the game for me because I don’t enjoy it enough to warrant buying it. I really loved the original BF2, so the fact I can’t appreciate it makes me pretty sad. Such beauty. To all that do enjoy though, hope it continues being fun for you for a long time :slight_smile:

That awkward feeling when I realized that this is basically all I used to do/what I mostly do /rip


This made me laugh about 100x more than I feel like I should have laughed in retrospect. Nice one


I was mostly talking about first person functionality and squad based mechanics when I said that, but beyond that it definitely looked like classic battlefield to me./shrugs


Do you mean battlefront there?

It really looks like battlefront, but I just don’t enjoy the gameplay, which is tragic - was really hoping it would play a way I would enjoy :’(

At least I have Destiny to keep me company instead :wink:


Why though? Battlefront (original) is pretty damn similar to battlefield. If anything the fact that Battlefront 2015 wasn’t like battlefield should be off-putting


That’s the problem. I don’t like Battlefield.


Then you shouldn’t like the original battlefronts…


Slow down their sir! I played the absolute shit out of Battlefront 2. The games play VERY differently. Not all, but some of my more preferred maps from OBF2 were either indoors or had considerably less sight lines than NBF2. It had a heavily class based system and I indulged in a fair amount of modding. The gun play is nothing like NBF2, although these days I probably wouldn’t appreciate OBF2’s gun feel in a modern game, but for the time it felt perfect. Not to mention I mainly played it solo vs AI, and really enjoyed Galactic Conquest. Why that is meant to make me enjoy the new BF2 is beyond me.

I’m not trying to knock anyone that likes the new one. I’m just saying that I’m super sad that I can’t find enjoyment in the new one, because it looks so beautiful, and I really cherished the old one (probably the first proper computer game I really played (am excluding the online game freebies on sites like armour games, or miniclip etc)).


Eat some food and nap!



Not really. The main differences are based on age.

They both have class based gameplay, vehicles, multiplayer. The only main difference is FPS vs TPS and Battlefront 2015 has TPS

So does Battlefield.

That’s because original BF2 is 12 years old.

This is nostalgia. A game releasing with original Battlefront gunplay and Battlefront 2015 graphics would be unacceptable.

Yes the new Battlefront is missing things but battlefield and battlefront are very similar games.

I’m not saying you should I enjoy it. I’m saying your complaint about it being “battlefield esque” is a very weird complaint to make based on the fact that they’re both very similar games.


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Battlefield has “a” class based system. As I said, OBF2 has a HEAVILY class based system. You don’t get to chose what weapons in that class you want. The classes in OHB2 play stupidly differently. Sure, in NBF2 they play differently, but no where near the same extent.

And? My point is that they’re very different games, which is how I can like one game and not the other. The fact that they’re released a long time apart is effectively irrelevant if the only point of contention is how you can like one game, but not the other :slight_smile:

In what way? The feel and control of the weapons were good for the time. I’m not saying they would be good now - in fact I specifically said that I wouldn’t enjoy it if it did feel exactly like it, times move on and I accept that. But it is still a difference, which is all I am arguing at the moment.

Battlefield and NBF2 & NBF1, yes. I don’t like those. I like OBF2, which feels nothing like Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4.

Comparing OBF2 with Battleifled 3 or 4 : the maps feel very different in sizes and line of sight ranges. And how vehicles are handled, the pacing is very different, the gunplay is very different, and the way class based systems is in my mind a significant enough difference for me to have been able to enjoy OBF2, and not NBF2.



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